9th Sep 2008, 11:35

I've been very fortunate. My Grand Am is now 8 years old and I've spent a whopping $17 on it in repairs so far. That was to replace the front brake pads. The rear are still original.

Proper maintenance and NEVER, EVER, overheating the engine in the Grand Am is the key to them lasting forever.

I bought mine nearly new from a rental car agency. That way I knew it had been properly maintained. We've had 3 former rental cars, and all have been totally flawless, nearly new and totally reliable. One Buick LaSabre, which my nephew now has, has 270,000+ miles on it.

9th Oct 2008, 16:58

This car sucks... it's fun to drive, and fast and sporty, but it is a lemon... one thing after another breaks on this car!!! I've replaced my engine, replaced the front suspension 3 times, replaced the ps pump 2 times, blower motor resistor, pads and rotors too many times to count, the front wheel bearings a few times.

The rad hose just blew on me this morning, the power steering needs another pump... and the car leaks oil... it's a piece of crap!!! time for a new car, never buying GM or any other North American made POS again... import is the way to go!!!

This car is a 99 Grand Am GT with the V6 3400 engine...

15th Dec 2008, 15:47

I bought my 1999 Grand Am in October 2008.

I have replaced 3 window regulators; 1 of them twice in a month.

I replaced both front wheel hub/bearing assemblies due to loud grinding noise.

Blower motor resistor since heater only worked on 5.

I also have the turn signal clicking noise when turn signals are not on.

Gas gauge with a mind of its own.

Replaced the radio with aftermarket, but it did have the volume knob problem and screen problem.

Have a hard time turning the key and shifting out of park.

"Trust me this car is a LEMON"

22nd Dec 2008, 18:19

I'm almost not sure whether to laugh or cry after seeing this site. At least I'm not alone.

I bought a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT sedan 4 months ago at 182k miles. Three days after I bought it, it developed a burnt or bent valve and had to have the heads redone and the valves reseated for 1100 bucks. A week and a half later the power steering pulley literally fell off. I had to have that replaced, then I learned two weeks later that the pump needed replacing. It has developed a constant clicking noise that sounds like my lifters are going bad.

My volume control is screwy.

Of course my blowers don't work on 1 & 2.

Now three days ago, my Pontiac started leaking power steering fluid at an incredible rate (less than 2 hours from completely full to completely empty. To top it all off my check tire pressure light came on right after I aired up my tires.

So in the 4 months and 4500 miles that I've had it, I've put in about 1500 dollars on repairs when I spent 3 grand on it in the first place.

This car is a piece of crap and has set my life back at least half a year with all of the wasted time and money. I think that it's time that we give up on American cars. The Japanese can make cars that aren't completely worthless. Down with the bailout!

26th Dec 2008, 10:41

When my 1990 Dodge was sold at 240,000 miles it had cost me less than $15 in repairs except for recommended maintenance. In 8 years my grand Am has cost me a total of $10 in repairs. Old and high mileage doesn't necessarily mean lots of repair expense, especially for a domestic.

13th Jan 2009, 15:05

Alright, so I bought a 1999 Grand AM and it was meant to be my first car, but I found another one I'm more interested in. I was wondering how much roughly do these cars go for now-a-days?

17th Feb 2009, 15:52

I bought my first car... a 1999 Pontiac Grand GT. At first I was happy; later defect shows.

Dealership told me that I probably left the car windows opened and it rained inside of it. Wrong. There was much water behind the driver's side seat. I took it to the dealer to see if they could find out how the rain got in. They couldn't do it. And after a week, they told me that they couldn't find anything wrong.

The following week, water was again inside of the car. Back to the dealer again. I told them where the water was and would you believe it... they took out the passenger side front seat and told me it was leaking on that side. Wrong again. And there was no water leaking from the sun roof.

When I got the car back, they told me it was fixed. Wrong again! I finally took it to another Pontiac dealer without telling them I had been to a previous Pontiac dealer for this problem. Well, lo and behold, within 1 or 2 days from dropping off the car it was fixed. They called in a water specialist! Gee, why couldn't the other dealer had done so. They tried to make me look bad by saying that I left the windows open just because the couldn't fix it.

Now I have a clunking noise, which sounds like it is coming from the brakes. But we have taken the rotors off, plus checking the brake system. And when I slow down or stop, this noise sounds as if something is going to break or fall off. Today again we disassembled the brake system and still can't find out what it is. One mechanic suggest that it might be the struts or shocks that might be the fault, and you won't know until something bad happens. Does anyone know of this noise? It now has expensive brakes because I thought that would take care of the problem. Wrong again. Can anyone advise, please?

18th Feb 2009, 20:58

99 Grand Am SE, and I truly am a proud owner despite all this issues that this board has focused on over the past few years.

I have had none of these issues.

I can't speak for the stereo - I bought the car brand new and within 2 days replaced sound system.

Brakes once a year as a habit not out of necessity. Tires every 2 years, again habit.

Manifold was replace via recall, although my personal mechanic assured me it was not a seal problem but an uneven head. So my buddy ripped the head out, took it to a machine shop, had it re worked for square. Buddy charged me nada and the machine shop charged $150.00, everything put back together. And I have never had another issue until now..

1 and 2 fan gone don't work... but junk yard and $50 bucks fine again...

I can't complain; regular maintenance and $200.00 10 years and 180 miles.. I am content.

22nd Feb 2009, 16:40

"Brakes once a year as a habit not out of necessity. Tires every 2 years, again habit."

Tires maybe, but brakes ONCE A YEAR?? Unless you're driving 80,000 miles a year, you are REALLY wasting some money. I replaced the front pads on my Grand Am after EIGHT years. The rear pads are STILL the original. I think someone at a brake shop (wanting your money) has been trying to scare you. I rarely EVER replace brake pads before 80,000 to 100,000 miles. Including the brakes (which cost me a whopping $17) I have been out a TOTAL of $27 on my GA in nearly 9 years now. Best car I've ever owned.