6th Sep 2003, 16:03

I bought a 1999 Grand Am GT from a private owner with 78,000miles on it. The first thing to go within a week was the alternator. I then had a new belt put on and a tune up. My mechanic has warned me about the intake gasket and Gm and after reading the comments before mine, I will take his advice and have it done before it gets too late. I need a new power steering pump. Today, September the 6th, my passenger window decided to stop working. I love my car, but what problems it has. Oh also my low coolant light has began to appear and I'm only on 87,000+ miles when I shouldn't have to replace it for another year or 62,000+ miles.

16th Sep 2003, 18:39

I own a 1999 Grand Am, bought new in 1998. I have had several problems out of this car. The horn works when it wants to. I have taken it to a dealership 3 times because of the horn, conveniently it always worked for the mechanic.

My rotors were replaced the 2nd year. I was told it was a manufacture defect. My check engine light stayed on, and they said my gas tank cap wasn't secure.

I had to replace the back glass. I had to replace the passenger window because something in the door panel was grinding into my window. The passenger side seatbelt pops undone while driving.

My radio had to be replaced because the cassette player did not work. Recently my alternator went out. After replacing the alternator, my radio would not display anything. I had to disconnect the battery to reset the radio.

Currently my driver's side window shattered. The electrics in the door panel are broke. I cannot roll my window up and sometimes the door will not unlock.

A comment on the gas gauge: I was told if you allow the gas level in your car to be almost empty too many times, then your gauge might fail.

My car is out of warranty. I cannot believe that so many people have had the same problems, with no recalls. I really can't afford to keep this car too much longer.



20th Sep 2003, 13:42

We have a 99 I share some of the same problems I have read on this web site. The Battery went bad at around 30,000 which causes the alternator to burn out. The radio shows crazy lights and will not turn up. The car would vibrate when you would apply them. come to find out there was a factory recall and the dealership replaced them free. but now at 67,000 the same problem occurs. Too bad the auto makers will not fix factory defects without a recall.

18th Nov 2003, 15:31

I don't feel so alone now that I've found all these useful comments. I own a 1999 grand am GT and bought it new. I have 53K miles on it and for the most part its been a good car to me. But its suffered the same fate as all the rest of them and I wish the dealer or someone could help. The first thing I've experienced was a bad battery.. then the stereo with erratic volume and display controls. This stereo also had a detached cassette unit that went bad as well. Also squeaky front wheels became a problem. Now the hazard clicker has gone crazy.. and finally the intake manifold gasket has a coolant leak which is a very very expensive hassle that I am about to have repaired!! I wish there were a way to get these things dealt with by the dealer.

25th Nov 2003, 13:31

I have a '99 Grand Am which I have owned since 2000. The vehicle now has 106,000 miles. Until now it has been a very reliable car and I have been very happy with it. Since passing about 80,000 miles I have had issues with all of your previous comments.

1) Volume knob is shot.

2) Rotars are shot. Rotating them was a waste of time.

3) Gas guage is malfunctioning. Just after 1/2 tank it goes haywire. Reading anywhere from full to empty and back again in 2 minutes.

4) Rear passenger window becoming scratched on something in the door.

I have spoke with Pontiac #1-800-762-2737 regarding any recalls for any of these issues. Non of the issues have resulted in a recall for the Grand Am.

However, if you have time it may be of help if each of you who have run into these complaints to state your issues with them at the number above.

1st Apr 2004, 10:35

I have a 99 Grand AM GT love my car, but having a major problem with the intake gasket it will cost anywhere from 700-800 dollars to fix it. I heard there is a class action law suit against Pontiac over this issue. Don't know how true this is. Have called Pontiac to complain about. My car only has only 45000 miles on it. So good luck to anyone who has this type of car. I will not buy another Pontiac.

17th Apr 2004, 13:01

I own a Pontiac Grand Am GT 1999 and in the past five months I have put over $2000, into my car (it's at 60,000 miles).The intake manifold was leaking and had to replace that and the gaskets for $500. My window regulator failed and had to replace that at a cost of almost $300. Among many other things either peeling off the car or the lining on my back two doors pulling up. I've just now had my battery light come on and found it's my alternator and my power steering is leaking and have to get that replaced. I wish I would have researched this car more, because now it's cost me more money to put into it than to buy it. From now on I will deal with it until I pay it off and can afford a Honda!

27th May 2004, 13:04

I also own a 99 Grand AM. It has 52000 miles on it and I have had it in the shop twice in 6 months for coolant leak repairs. If it weren't for the constant repair issues I would love this car much more. I will not be buying another Pontiac.

17th Jun 2004, 11:45

I also own a 99 Grand AM SE 6 cylinder with 112,000km on it. I've had so many problems with this car since I purchased it last year with 52,000km on it. The rubber trim on both the drivers and passenger side doors is pulling free. The usual rotor problems. My front brakes creak very badly and the dealer claimed it was the calipers, they were worked on, and the problem remained, yet the dealer claimed he did all he could. The rear bushings are messed up and creak very loudly when the back end bounces even the slightest bit. My front wheel bearings need to be replaced as they almost seized up while driving. My volume knob has the same problem of turning down causes the volume to go up, but I found that if you sorta pull out on the knob and turn down slowly, it works. My drivers and passenger front windows are gouged very deeply from something inside the door, and they both make terrible sounds when putting up or down, sounds like the poor things are going to die, yet I had the passenger side window assembly replaced and the problem remained. I thought I was getting a deal with this car at only $10,000...buts its cost me so much in repairs that I'm beginning to hate this thing.