26th Jun 2006, 20:44

I bought a 99 Grand Am GT in 2004, and it's been a problem ever since. Right now my current problem is my service engine soon light is on. I turned my key on and off 4 times and it dinged 8 times. Anyone know what that means? Also, my car jerks when I go up a hill sometimes.

6th Jul 2006, 16:17

Anyone with power steering problems? (GT)

14th Sep 2006, 22:17

Talk about bad luck. I own a 99 Grand Am GT and noticed oil blowing all over the back of the motor. I tore the top half off the motor, down to the heads, and replaced all the gaskets. Everything is fine for, let's say, 3 minutes when I notice antifreeze coming out the tail pipe. You guessed it. A blown head gasket. So I now have the motor torn down to the block and saw the work that someone must have tried to do, but just monkey rigged it to get it running. There were stripped bolts and it looks like this caused them from replacing the head gasket originally. My advice is do the work yourself or get someone you trust to do the work. Cause people will screw you and charge more than the car is worth to fix. Never let a garage break down your motor unless you trust the guy with your wallet.

22nd Dec 2006, 10:49

I have a 99 SE with 130,000 miles. So far in the past year, I have replaced the coolent system ($1000), the 1 and 2 on heat does not work, my passenger side widow stopped working, the knob on the radio is screwed up, and just yesterday my power steering fluid started leaking.

4th Mar 2007, 10:24

I have a 2000 grand am gt bought it brand new now have 101,000 miles and nothing, but problems.

1st my brakes replaced them then my blower motor doesn't work on 1 & 2. My turn signals don't work unless you hit the dash. The front end sounds like the car is going to fall apart at 50mph, believe it's the drivetrain or something.

My driver side window fell down now I need to have that replace. Now it seems like it's running rough so maybe a tune up. The radio knob goes up when you turn it down. The trunk relay doesn't work and neither does the light. So I need to replace it or watch it fall off a cliff somewhere..

19th Mar 2007, 15:53

Ah yes, another proud owner of a 99 Grand Am SE. I've owned mine since June 2000. Bought it with 16,000 km. Currently I have 215,000 km.

I have had the 1/2 fan speed resister problem (replaced under warranty), signal light problem (cleaned by me with help from internet forums), brake problem (replaced once under warranty and last year total brake replacement), all four hub caps replaced due to noise (under warranty - this may be where a lot of the noise complaints are originating from), scratched glass in all four power windows (replaced under warranty), loose right mirror (hasn't fallen of YET), noisy front and rear end, especially when it is cold (I believe this to be the strut mounts - was told that dealer could "pull tower" and grease (cheetah greese) top of struts for approx $200.00 - will try to do this myself), radio volume goes whatever way it decides regardless of what direction I turn it, left rear running light keeps going out, head light harness plactic nut broken on each light, the mysterious disappearing coolant - at least its not in my engine YET, alternator replaced (under warranty).

Gee I think that might be it. Otherwise it has been a good car... oh yeah...replaced original tires, which I hated with Michelin Harmony. These are great tires, ride nice, great in snow and rain, long tread life and well worth the cost.


26th Mar 2007, 14:28

I have had my '99 GA since July of 2003. Right away, I had to replace the blower motor and a/c compressor. That winter, I drove the car to my mother's house (a 3hr drive) my lower intake manifold cracked in half and the cylinder was bad so that was a $1600 repair. I've replaced the alternator, power steering pump, entire return line "system", I get very bad gas mileage as well.

I need a Rack & Pinion right now, but I am not sure if I have to get the one for VARIABLE steering or not. I have a V6 SE. My driver's side door rolls down when it wants to. There is a mysterious leak which causes my anti-freeze/coolant to leak... but none of my hoses are bad and there are no "puddles" under the car so I am unsure where the DEX-COOL is going.

My vinyl around the driver's side door controls is coming up at the trim. Also, the door panel by the window crevasse has the vinyl coming up as well. I need a new power steering pump pulley.

Oh, and my a/c only works on 3-5 and it is not even that cold.

Is it possible to petition Pontiac for a recall? or do something about all of these mishaps? I paid $7,500 for my car almost 4 yrs ago and I am moving in on $8,000 in repairs. I have each receipt and am not including routine maintenance such as oil, tune-up, tires, etc.

Please contact me with any information you may have in regards to my situation.

Thank you,


29th Mar 2007, 20:59

WOW! I should have read these comments before I bought my lemon... Hi I feel like I'm in AA or something. I too have a 1999 G/Am GT V6. I bought my car in Philly about 2 years ago, for $5000. I'm the 2nd owner it has about 121k now. Well since I've had my car, I've noticed oil in my anti freeze and vice versa... twice I've replaced (lower intake manifold) head gaskets $1200/each time (remember aluminum blocks heat up fast!), oh then the power steering pump broke we had to replace belt, pulley the whole caboodle. Then, my window too would fall down and I ordered one tiny little plastic piece from GM that holds the glass in place, but you have to buy special poxy glue to hold it, that only auto glass shops have, can't even afford to have that done, not only that, but I needed two pieces! And yes, my vent/or temp control doesn't work on 1-3, only 4 & 5. Over the 2 years I've noticed that my steering wheel was a little crooked, (towards 11'o clock and got worse) so I thought maybe it I needed a alignment, b/c I had just purchased new tires a year ago. I take it to the shop, and big whammy hit me! I need a Rack & Pinion w/brackets. Apparently the bracket on the pass side broke off, the one on my drivers side was bent and stripped on the rack, who would have guessed that? How can that happen?? If the one breaks, he told me I WOULD lose control of the car... what if I had killed a family, or seriously got into a bad accident? I'm having a hard time with this, and finding one with the brackets, is a quest.

If you look up this make and model car in the 2005 consumer guide, its very, very poor. In almost everyway. Gas, Elect, relibility, engine, etc... I should have done my homework.