12th Jun 2007, 15:15

Definitely sell that baby before it breaks down on you! I made the mistake of waiting too long and my engine died. When I purchased my new vehicle the Saturn dealership was kind enough to pay to tow my Grand Am to the dealership and give me a meager $300 trade-in. In some ways I miss my Grand Am, but I don't miss the quarterly visits to the auto repair shop.

14th Jun 2007, 21:57

I've owned my 99 Grand Am SE since 2000. Major electrical problems to say the least. Being in the mechanical field has helped, but the electronics are really messed up. As far as brakes, I found no problems. In the city, I use #3 automatic gear and "D" when driving over 50 mph. Tip on coolant, change every 4 years completely. This coolant turns corrosive and eats away at aluminum. My car has 150k miles and has just about had it. I think the computer is dying and I'm not willing to put any more money into it. I found the front end growling noises are from the wheel bearings. I'm sad to see so many people with so my problems with the Grand Am. Thankfully, my GA doesn't owe me a thing.

1st Jul 2007, 19:28

I wish I would have found this site before I bought my 99 Grand Am SE.

Let's see: I bought mine 2 months ago with 60,000. Couldn't believe the deal I thought I was getting. Got it for a really cheap price.

First, 2 days after buying the car, the volume went out on the radio. No big deal, I'm not a huge fan of factory systems. I actually was on my way to the store to pick put a new system. So I take out the old radio and find shorted out wires all in the dash. Had the dealer check it out and replace them, cause that's where I bought it.

So I get it home and the car starts misfiring. got it fixed, 2 days later again with the misfiring. A week later misfiring. The next day misfiring. This is no joke either. 2 months of having the car; it's been at the dealer 7 times for misfiring.

Now the the misfiring problems has been taking care of. Knock on wood.

It sputters when at a complete stop. It's been back to the dealer 5 times for sputtering and they can't find anything wrong. Everything's been replaced free of charge, but I'm still having problems.

If anyone has any info on what's causing the Grand Ams to sputter, please let me know.


Let me add I work on cars on the side, so I do know a thing or two about cars. So please no remarks like I don't know about cars, and should treat your car better. I know how to care for a car, ad when a car's cared for. My car's in mint condition, just pretty much a money pit.

7th Jul 2007, 19:26

I'm sitting here laughing b/c I'm having most of the same problems as everyone else here. I've had my 99 Pontiac Grand Am since 2001 and it now has 124,000 miles on it. My 1 and 2 fan switch doesn't work, I never know how much gas is in my tank unless I check with my mileage (which is also off, by the way!), my antifreeze light is now coming on all the time and was told the intake needs to be replaced. In January 2005, I had my alternator replaced. Now I'm thinking it may need to be replaced again. My car is getting harder and harder to start. It just makes a grinding noise when trying to turn it over. After trying to start car over and over, eventually it will catch and start up. Does anyone know what this problem may be?? We have checked the battery and the battery was fine, but we're thinking the alternator isn't keeping it charged. Anyone have any other suggestions? Will be SO happy when I can afford to get another car (and not PONTIAC)!!!

9th Jul 2007, 22:07

Thanks Mike!! I actually took it to an auto parts store today and they said the same thing - they think it's the starter. The part they quoted me was $192.00!! Then he said it would probably be another $200 for the labor. (I'm female, so I don't know how to put a starter in!) So, is this being taken advantage of?? I think so...

17th Jul 2007, 20:34

99 Grand Am, last Pontiac I buy! Got it used at 35000, now needing third intake manifold gasket, blower resistor out, radio volume messes up, power windows switches intermittent due to water from poor design, door trim panels coming loose AGAIN, just a general all-around POS car. I guess GM is getting sued both in the US and Canada about the intake manifold gaskets, but the only ones that will get any money will be the lawyers. Pontiac will not do anything to help since the dealership cannot find the paperwork from the first repair, and the second repair was a non-GM dealer. So they could care less. Toyota or Honda for the next one?

17th Jul 2007, 21:35

To the last comment: you don't happen to be in north carolina do you?? LOL. I haven't had it taken care of yet, it actually hasn't acted up for over a week. But I know the time is coming. Is $192 a reasonable price for the actual starter itself? Is $400 reasonable for part and labor? Thanks!

26th Jul 2007, 12:38

Just to reply to the comment about buying Toyota or Honda - RIGHT IDEA! The problem with cars built in North America today, is that they are having a harder time competing in terms of profitability with Japanese/European manufacturers. It actually all comes down to Operations management - the Japanese employ a Target-oriented approach to production, while north American companies use a conformance-oriented approach. The conformance oriented approach is cheaper (this is where they try to narrow the gap with competitors), which leads to the production of cars using lower quality parts and labour.

Japanese cars on the other hand, are built with a greater desire to produce HIGH QUALITY. I own Chev/Ford/GM muscle cars, and my daily driver is a Toyota... my last Toyota got over 300,000 miles. Now, you tell me if North American manufacturers even come close to Japanese car makers... NOT A CHANCE!

30th Jul 2007, 16:57

No I'm not in North Carolina LOL. I'm in New York, sorry about that.

Umm 192.00 is little high for your starter. I'm finding them for about 150 to 160 here. Either way, they're not too cheap.

Sorry haven't gotten back sooner. I've actually gotten stuck with my car a few times now in the past 2 weeks. My security light starts flashing and the car won't start.

Grand Ams are the worst car I've ever had.


31st Jul 2007, 12:53

So does yours make the grinding noise also or no noise at all? Are you having your starter replaced too?

6th Aug 2007, 23:41

Mike I feel your pain! I endured all of the problems and maintenance cost for 9 long years. Don't get me wrong, when my car was running I loved it. The only problem was I couldn't go more than 6 months without an issue. I have made several post here in the last few months regarding the final fate of my Grand Am. My Grand Am finally gave out with a cracked cylinder head at 150,000 miles. The owner of the shop that I have used the past several years tried to get me to let him rebuild the top half of the engine, as he said from the looks of things it was in very good shape. My fear was as soon as I drove off the lot the bottom half of the engine would fail, or something else would break down. I now drive a 2007 Saturn VUE, and sleep better at night not worrying about what might break next. When I finally got rid of my Grand Am I went back and added up all of the receipts I had for repairs I almost passed out. I spent over $10,000 in repairs in 9 years. I still can't believe that Pontiac wouldn't do anything to address these repeat problems with this vehicle. Good luck to you all who are still fighting the fight with your Grand Am's.