26th Nov 2002, 15:05

I have a 89 se, with a 2.3liter quad-4, 190,000 miles. it idols a litle rough, but runs like a striped ape...

It sounds like you got one that was dogged by a crappy driver.

28th Dec 2002, 19:41

I own a 97 Grand Am Gt right now and it also has the stalling problem. This is the second winter I will have had it. The stalling problem only seems to occur in the winter when it is a little colder out? I have taken it to three different dealerships and nobody can figure it out? I don't think I will buy another Grand Am.

4th Sep 2003, 10:19

Well I have a 93 Grandam V6 and I had to replace the entire engine I was looking for some parts on line and this site caught my eye. I have spent more money then it seems worth and replaced the water pump, need a new harmonic balancer and the man who had it before me had the exhaust redone. I love the car, but it seems to be a lot better then the 4cyl. From A Girl With Troubles.

26th Mar 2004, 15:03

I have had 92 Grand AM SE for three years and I have put more money into it then it is worth. It stalls out constantly, and idles very rough, I hate this car and I plan on getting rid of it immediately!

Girl in MN that hates her GRANDAM IT!!!

22nd Jul 2004, 12:22

I have a 92' Grand Am, and I as well have put a lot of money into it. I have replaced the heater core the starter two times, the coil housing, brakes, and the heater fan. Anyway I have a new problem, I can drive for like twenty minutes on a straight shot, that's without stops or slowing. Then I will go to slow down to like a stop and the car will violently shake, and then as I am almost stopped it will kill. I can then put the car back into park and start it and it starts, but then when I put it back into drive it immediately kills. I have heard from a friend that it could be the coil pack (S). please help if anyone has had this problem.

12th Jan 2005, 20:21

I just bought a 1992 Grand Am as my first car on December 18, it came with 170,000 miles on it. When I first got it there were a lot of problem that could only be caused by an accident that I don't know about. For example, there was an oil leak, and the steering rod is bent. I'm glad I have a 90 day warranty. I do notice one thing though, this car starts better then any car I have ever driven in my life. I may have over paid for it, but its really not a bad car (even though the brakes suck after I even replaced the brake pads). All and all, I really think the car should get more credit for a 13 year old car.

- a 17 year old optimist :)

13th Apr 2007, 14:33

I also have a 1992 Pontiac. Recently there has been some clicking coming from under the hood. If anybody could help me please do.

13th Apr 2007, 23:10

Yeah I can help, take it to a good mechainc.

20th Apr 2007, 11:52

The car runs hot at stop ltghts. the fan only works when the a/c is on.

8th Jan 2008, 18:59

I have a 92 Grand AM SE 3.3L, my dad gave me the car, and he got it from a repo auction. As of right now it is sitting in my uncle and aunts yard waiting to get the new gas tank put on. I also need new brake lines throughout the whole car, and there is also some wiring problems, that we cannot figure out, all my uncle can see is that the wiring for the fuel pump is not working right b/c there is no power to the fuel pump. If anyone else has had this problem, please help me out.