1992 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.3 V6 from North America


Paid $500 for the car

It had the trans. rebuilt @ 134,000

I have put on

New Front Struts- $100

Tie rod ends- $20

Radio- $10

Engine Mount- $30

Trans cooler- $40

Front Break Hoses- $60

Front locks needed loads of lube

Things that will break soon

Engine mount{right side}- 40$

Pass & Driver Power Windows seized.

The exhaust manifold gasket is bad.

Bad Paint.

This is a complete list, everything else not mentioned works. The prices are for the parts only.

General Comments:

If you want to buy one stay away from the four cylinder engine. You might also want to keep in mind that most A/T for this car go around 100,000. This car is part of the GM N Car/ Body line, so it is almost identical to the Buick Skylark & Oldsmobile Achieva of the same year.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2007

1992 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.3L Quad4 DOHC from North America


Fun to drive, but repairs are costly and common


There is a leak somewhere in the vehicle that causes the glovebox to "flood" after a heavy rain. Never found leak, never repaired.

Manual windows came off track.

Oil pump dead at 117,900 miles.

Replaced timing chain guides and tensioner the same time as the oil pump.

Around 116,905 miles, coolant sensor went. "Low coolant" warning light remained on until sensor replaced.

Removed and replaced shock absorbers at 117,935. This included both front struts and strut mounts.

Washer pump blew about one week after I purchased the vehicle (July 2005).

Driver's side headlight died around 117,600 miles.

Failed emissions testing, installed new muffler, new exhaust pipe and new cat.

Like other GM vehicles from that year, the paint is prone to peeling/fading.

General Comments:

In the short time that I owned this vehicle, I spent $1,341 on repairs.

Prior to everything going wrong with this vehicle, it was very fun to drive. For a 2.3L vehicle, it was very quick and fuel-efficient.

But be forewarned, be prepared for anything and everything to go wrong. I owned it for less than two months before I had to have it serviced.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2005

28th Sep 2005, 22:25

UPDATE: Still own this car as of Sep. 28, 2005 and it appears as if I now have a problem with either the U-joints or transmission. When I shift to reverse or drive, there is a brief delay followed by a "clunking" noise. The car appears to drive properly and the transmission doesn't appear to be slipping.

Also, when I drive the vehicle when it's raining, there are some electrical issues. It appears that when I have the wipers on, defroster on, fog lights on and the radio on, the voltmeter drops drastically when I apply the brakes and/or come to a complete the stop. The vehicle appears as if it is going to stall out, even the lights begin to dim. However, when I take my foot off the brakes and give it some gas, the voltmeter returns to its original position. This problem only occurs during or after a heavy rain.

As I only use the car to commute back and forth to work, I will not put more money in this car after already paying $1,250 for the vehicle and then spending an additional $1,341.79 for repairs.

1992 Pontiac Grand Am quad from North America



General Comments:

The Car stalls usually when it's run for 20 minutes or so. It only stalls when it stops. if it keeps runing it doesn't stall. any idea what could be wrong with it?

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Review Date: 28th May, 2005

28th May 2005, 20:19

This is not even a review...it's a question..

1992 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.3 Quad-4 SOHC from North America


Great car for someone who is just starting out!


Timing chain skipped near 135k miles, ruining all 8 valves.

Leaks from drivers side floorboard and in spare tire well.

AC lost its juice near 140k miles.

Paint has begun to wear out and rust, but this is due to the previous owner not taking care of it while he had it put up.

Leaking oil from the valve cover.

Window arms have bent due to rust and the weight of the window.

General Comments:

This is a good car for someone who likes to fix up cars. It does run well and will run under the worst conditions.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2005