1992 Pontiac Grand Am GT 2.3 liter Quad 4 from North America


General Motors biggest mistake


My radiator core blew.

My engine overheated.

My head gasket fried.

My head cracked.

My alternator cooked itself.

My water pump housing cracked.

Ball joints needed replacing.

Tie rod ends needed replacing.

My rear defrost is not receiving power.

Currently not pumping out heat.

Windshield washer pump burned out.

Currently on my third windshield.

Wipers blew off when passing another car in a freezing rain storm.

Intake manifold gasket began leaking.

Replaced battery twice.

Driver side window is off track.

Gas filler will not close.

Shocks/struts needed replacing, 3/4" drive Snap-on Impact would not budge mounting nuts.

Transmission grinds when shifting to reverse at a standstill.

General Comments:

Despite the disgusting history of problems, the car is fun to drive.

This car is quite peppy and handles well.

Goes like snot-stops at 180/Km.

I will never buy a Grand Am or any other Pontiac product ever again!

It is not wise to impulse buy vehicles.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2002

12th Dec 2003, 18:34

I have not had any problems with this car except for now that the motor has gone out in it. It is a clean reliable car very easy to maintain If you know about car. I love my car you have to take care of your car in order for your car to take care of you. I know now that its not just for driving its more to it then that. I know now and I do intend to buy a motor for this 1992 Grand Am SE and drive it some more I will now take better care of this car.

19th Jul 2007, 05:36

Did you take a look at the heater core? The plastic lines running from the core to the firewall fail on many of these cars. This may have caused the cooling system failure you wrote about. Don't get me wrong guys these cars have allot of bad parts on them. It's a good idea to use distilled water and red 10y anti-freeze & a good flush whenever a cooling system part is out on a GM car... this may save the other parts from failure.

Peace & luck to anyone out there

1992 Pontiac Grand Am GT 2.4L 4 cylinder. from North America


Check oil light and Service engine light come on for no reason. (Not a big deal)

Front struts went and were expensive to replace.

Rides rough and interior rattles.

Sometimes gives me trouble when starting.

General Comments:

All in all, not a bad ride.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2002

12th Dec 2003, 18:20

I have a 1992 Grand Am Se and I am here to say it's a nice car very clean inside and out. I went 2 days without checking the antifreeze in my car and now I need a motor for my car. I would buy this car again because its more of a ladies car and my car its like new and I don't have a car payment. I am looking for a motor for my car. If you know of anyone who might have one or any advice on what to do please email me bold_darkangel@hotmail.com.

22nd May 2006, 23:45

I have a 1992 grand am and my check engine light comes on when I start the car in the morning. It goes off after about 5 minutes of driving. 5 minutes later after driving on the express way the check oil light comes on. This car has a new set of heads on it. I put one quart of oil in it because it was a quart low, but I still get the same result. Why do these lights come on because the car runs great???!!!

Please reply...

1992 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.3L SOHC Quad4 from North America


Great performance at great costs


New alternator at 120000.

New battery at 120000.

Head Gasket at 123000.

General Comments:

This is a very nice car to drive. It handles like a dream and has tons of power for a 4 cylinder.

The problem I have with the car is the head gasket. The head gasket blew at about 123000 miles and the service shop wanted to charge $1800 for a replacement gasket and an additional $800 if the head was cracked. The service shop also said that it was very probable that the head gasket would break again. They said that the GM Quad4 engines are known for this problem.

If you want to buy a Grand Am, buy one with a 6 cylinder!

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Review Date: 17th August, 2002

19th Jan 2005, 16:45

As a personal owner of 3 Quad fours never ever ever buy one. The heads always go. Some car lots will not even take them as a trade due to there reputation. I had a 1989 Grand Am Le and the head blew then the engine after that. Then a 1992 and 1993 they are all bad. Go with the V 6 next time.