29th Aug 2002, 02:06

Totally agree--2000 Grand am GT1---piece of junk--beautiful car. It has been through 2 head gaskets, 4 sets of brake pads, the heater fan has not worked, the A/C, the security light was coming on (something with the ignition), now the keyless entry is not working. I have to agree---they are not worth the time or headaches!!

23rd Sep 2002, 20:26

I totally disagree, my grand am has treated me very well. Yes the rotors aren't any good, but all I had to do was upgrade to a good brand, not just the cheap replacements. I think, in my opinion, that the grand am is well worth the money. My grand am has never left me stranded, and has very good wet traction. Never once has it felt like its going to loose traction, even under extreme situations. Very reliable car in my opinion.

24th Jan 2003, 12:36

I have a 2000 GT with about 71,000 on it and the fuel pump went out. The mechanic it AMAZED that a car with this many miles on it has this problem. The part is on "national backorder" which makes me wonder what is up with the fuel pumps in these cars. Has anyone heard of a defect? I don't want to have to pay $700 out of my own pocket if this should be fixed for free!

5th Apr 2003, 13:58

We got our 2000 Grand Am after leasing a Toyota Corolla, thought we would be good Americans.WELL, first off the brakes were always a problem, should of known when salesperson told us everything is under warranty EXCEPT the brakes...Hmmmm, reason being a lot of people drive with one foot on the gas,the other on the brake. No problem I thought, we don't do that. Lived with the brakes, but wasn't happy replacing pads and rotors at 28000 miles and they still make noise. Next, Fuel sensor fails stranding my wife when car runs out of gas. Now my car is stranded in a parking lot because the ignition will not turn, so it has to be towed, dash removed and new ignition put in. In the long run we will finish out the lease and never set foot in a GM dealership again. One more thing, have fun changing a headlight if it goes out, and trust me it will.

Scott Jasko.

23rd Jun 2003, 18:30

Let's not forget about the leaks!!! I've had at least 6 or 7 leaks in both the passenger and driver's side doors and three from the factory installed sunroof. I'm also now having a problem with my heating/AC unit. The fan doesn't work on on 1 and 2 but works on 3 (???) So now I either sweat or freeze!!!

2nd Oct 2003, 07:58

This is unbelievable! I have a 2000 Grand Am with 83,000 miles on it. Right now it is sitting in the shop because it cut off while I was driving and failed to start. I have been told by the dealership that it needs a new fuel pump and level kit. The repair will cost near $700 out of pocket after paying $85 to get it towed. About 4 months ago I had to get the rotors replaced, and about 2 months ago I had to get new brakes. However, the brakes screech louder now than they did before I had them replaced. I want to leave the car at the dealership and just get something else since the lease is almost up, but I was informed that the car had to be running. I will never buy another Pontiac!!

3rd Oct 2003, 09:38

I have a 2001 Grand Am GT and it has been wonderful. In two years, I have put over 60K miles on it and other than oil changes (once a year with AMSOIL synthetic), it has never been in the shop for anything. The tires still have about 10K miles left on them (I rotate them every 5K). It gets great mileage (30 highway) and handles very well. It's not as much fun to drive and dosen't handle as well as my corvette, but at half the price, I didn't expect it to be. It will probably be due for brakes soon and I will upgrade to high performance rotors and pads, but the factory brakes have given me no problem.

21st Apr 2004, 08:53

I own a 2000 grand am GT, I have had lots troubles. I must of replaced rotors twice and brake pads 4 times. I have had numerous sensors go in the car and the repair bills at the dealership were very expensive. Seems like these parts are meant to go every 6 months. I was getting very frustrated and the dealer didn't seem to care and I was going to dump the car. They actually asked me if I was driving with my foot on the brakes, after them telling me that all the grand am's have the same issue with the brakes (shouldn't it be a RECALL). I owned a 91 sunbird that I purchased from the same dealer and loved it with minor repairs and could not believe they asked such a stupid question. Since having a friend who is a mechanic he started helping me do the repairs myself and found that upgrading with non-gm parts the brakes work much better with NO NOISE and works out to be much cheaper since you're not replacing GM PARTS every 6 months.

Jason - Nova Scotia.