23rd Jul 2002, 20:18

Same problem here! I have listened to noise, rubbing, squeaking, from my tires for 18,000 miles on my 2000 GT. I lose air constantly, and am told the same thing. GM is in arbitration with Goodyear, as apparently Goodyear claims it is a rim issue, and GM claims it is a tire issue. I am still under warranty, and still no solution or repair! Next step... Attorney General!

28th Aug 2002, 16:30

I had the same noise a couple months ago, they said it was the tires, did there standard lube and said the noise would come back. The noise started again, but louder, I took it back and this time they decided to tell me the brakes and rotors needed replaced. Also informing me that brakes are maintenance and not covered by the warranty, cost me quite a bit of money. My opinion, something was wrong with the brakes the first time I took it in!! anyway, I have owned Pontiac's before and loved them, but I will never buy one again!!

6th Oct 2002, 16:52

Same problem here only it is with my wife's Grand Am SE. My wife complained of grinding from front tires. Spent today taking front tires off and checking pads and rotors. Still have material on pads and no scratching on rotors. It's good to see others have had the same problem, but what is the manufacture going to do about it. I will be calling the dealership tomorrow, but like others warranty is run out. This is our first Grand Am and will most likely be our last.

17th Oct 2002, 10:01

I am glad to hear other people are having the same problems. I own a 1999 Gt also having the brake problem which my dealer says is a rim, tire problem. The first time I took it in they replaced the brakes and rotors on the car the second time they just turned the rotors, since then I have had it in another time and they turned the rotors again. This is getting really old, now they tell me about the rim tire problem and tell me to buy new tires and the problem will be fixed. I think it is there problem to fix not mine, but what do I do about having the rotors turn twice, next I will be replacing them also.

21st Oct 2002, 15:24

I have the front wheel noise problem with my 2000 grand am GT - very irritating. I got new front pads and rotors (which I likely didn't need) and that didn't help. So it's apparently this rim/tire issue.

But I haven't found answers to these questions:

Are new tires of a different brand a permanent solution?

Is it just the Goodyear eagle tires that have this noise problem or all brands of tires of that size?

Has anyone gotten new tires, if so, what brand? Any recommendations?


5th Dec 2002, 11:42

I have a 99 grand am GT with the same rubbing/grinding noise from the front wheel well. I had new brakes and rotors put on and it's still there. If it is a tire issue, has anyone put new tires on? Did new tires solve the problem?



27th Jan 2003, 19:21

I Have had similar problems with 2000 Grand-Am. The brakes have been replaced 3 times in 2 1/2 years. Luckily we have a great dealership (Shearer Pontiac in Burlington, VT) and they did not charge us for the brake replacements. We have just noticed a metallic/rubbing noise coming from the front, drivers' side wheel, lease is up in five months -- can't get rid of this one fast enough!

12th Feb 2003, 13:03

I to have the same noise problem with my 2000 Grand Am. Yesterday the dealer replace only the 2 front tires. I have 25,000 miles on this car. I haven't been driving it for 3 months because I have been waiting on new tires to come in. What happens when I have my tires rotated? You know the noise will be back. Wake up GM and fix the problem. If it's Goodyear's tires then go to another brand.

14th Feb 2003, 09:27

I own a 2000 Grand AM GT with Goodyear Eagle RSA tires. I had the same problem with grinding/shooshing noise on the front tires. I had the front tires replaced with same brand/model tires per GM's bulletin. The dealership refused to replace the rear tires. Sure enough, as soon as I got my tires rotated, the noise came back. Although now, I'm over my warranty mileage. I'm going to Sears today to have them take a look at my tires. Wish me luck, from what I've heard neither company wants to take responsibility for the problem. I blame Goodyear's dual-bead design.

13th Mar 2003, 07:07

I'm having the same problem with my 2000 Grand Am. I have the front grinding noise and it started at 12,000 miles. took it to the dealership and I was told it needed new brakes and rotors. I was told they had been redesigned and that was the problem. Now 10,000 miles later I'm having the same problem and was told by the dealership it is not a brake problem now, but it my tires. So they rotated the tires and said that the noise was gone and that I need to put new tires on the car. I only have 22'000 miles on these tires. Has anyone been able to have this problem resolved please let me Know. Maybe we need to get together and pursue a class action lawsuit since no one seems to want to take responsibility for the problem. E-mail me at sandstone@planetc.com.

23rd Nov 2003, 12:55

I have a 2000 grand am gt and have just recently noticed that when I accelerate that there is a very loud humming on the driver's side. I figured it was the tires (that I just had replaced) in the front end. Now I am also noticing that there is a weird grinding noise coming from the driver's side. I have checked the brakes and rotors and they seem fine. Any suggestions??

26th Oct 2004, 14:21

I have a Grand Am 2002 Gt and like the rest of you, I have the same whooshing noise coming from the tires. I have 46,000 miles on the car, had the front rotators and brakes changed, and wheels rotated. The NOISE IS STILL THERE!!!. I was informed that the rims of the car are too heavy for the tires, resulting in air leakage and the whooshing. The best suggestion that I've been given is to get new tires. Anyone found a brand that prevents this annoying noise? If so email me at jetzke18@hotmail.com.

10th Mar 2005, 20:43

I have purchased a used 2002 Grand Am GT from a Certified GM Dealer with 26,000 miles. A grinding noise was present from the front of the car when I test drove it, the right tire was low in air as well. The Dealer stated the car will go through a thorough inspection before we can release the car to any purchaser. I purchased the car and no problems were found. Great stylish American car, I love this car except for an embarrassing swooshing sound from the front end. I took it back to the dealer and the mechanics stated I need new tires and should talk to the Dealer to negotiate who will pick up the tab. In short I did not get new tires, but a cleaning of the rims. The problem was solved for a short time. Now one month later the same issue is present. I went to the Tire Shop and got an appraisal on the vehicles rotors they were shaved down a bit, but still good, pads were fine. The tires were good, but did not fit right to the rims. I am loosing air in one of the tires as well. Now I'm off to the Dealer with a second opinion in writing. This should work. Be Persistent!!! Don't settle for less than 4 tires because the noise can come back when the tires are rotated. Get the serial number on the inner tire before you bring it to the dealer. This will verify new tires, some dealers may be shady so do your homework and good luck-