5th Jun 2003, 00:56

Hi, I have a 2001 Grand Am SE that was purchased as a used car. The car was bought to replace my 1992 Grand Am GT. I was happy with my old car, and thought buying another GM auto would be a smart move. The car new car has all the usual Grand Am/Alero problems such as faulty blinker/hazard switches, a faulty fan switch that does not turn on until number three, and numerous scratches in the driver and passenger door glass. The digital odometer is faulty as well. The car also leaks from both doors due to an ineffective vapor barrier that allows the water to pour in. The car also leaks under the passenger side dash which is most likely the fresh air inlet box. The leak issues were identical to ones I dealt with my 92'. This car has been a complete headache since purchased, and I may never purchase another Grand Am again.

5th Jun 2003, 05:24

Do not buy a Grand am, prix or a Chevy Malibu. The rest are good vehicles as far as I know.

22nd Aug 2003, 07:58


My daughter graduated this year from high school, and we helped her purchase her first car, a 2001 Grand Am. BIG MISTAKE! It had 40,000 miles on it. She has had it a whole 3 months. Now it will start sometimes and other times it won't. My husband would load it up, haul it to the shop and it would start every time. It has been to the shop 4 different times now. They think they have finally found the problem. It is going to cost several thousand dollars to fix. We are so disapointed. And the car had the same problem with the previous owner and they never could fix it. It is an electrical problem. They think. I wonder if anyone else is having this problem?

28th Aug 2003, 00:14

I bought my pontiac grand am gt1 brand new. It is fully loaded, and I have loved it from day 1.But I also have had brake problems. I have a lot of miles on my car because I drive 60 miles to and from work, but I had to replace the brakes the first year, also the starter. Now it needs new brakes and rotors on the front. The fuel pump was replaced last week after I was stranded at the doctors office. Even with the problems I have had I would buy another grand am, because of the amount of room I have between my knees an the dash. After a car accident in 99 that is a very important feature for me.

2nd Sep 2003, 10:27

I purchased my 2001 Grand AM GT in March & have had it in the shop 3 times already. First, the driver side window motor went out. That was $500 to fix. Then, the car had an intake gasket that was leaking which cost almost $600 to fix. The most recent problem has been the starter. I love the looks & feel of this vehicle, but I am about to drop it off at the dealers door! In the past I had good luck with a 1995 Trans Am & a 1998 Grand Prix GTP so I am quite disappointed in my current purchase. The problems I have had with the Grand Am GT may be turning me off to Pontiac all together.

3rd Sep 2003, 17:43

I just recently bought a 2004 Grand Am Gt2 after owning a 1999 Grand Am for 5 years. I am very disapointed in this car! Leakage still exists, brakes are horrible, not only that the car is made so cheaply that the squeaks after owning it for 4 days 30 total miles are totally unbearable! I highly suggest not to buy a Pontiac Grand Am new or used both require a large amount of patience. Also, please note that Colorado does not owe to the law of the 3 day cooling off period. Tell your friends.

17th Oct 2003, 19:12

I had a Pontiac Grand Am GT 2000 for a short while, I did notice leaks in the rear floor boards, small, but enough to notice, never got it fixed, didn't happen all the time, only had the car for about 20,000 before I traded it in, not because of these problems - I needed a truck and I got a great deal on a new one, the brakes were also a little bit of a problem, not major, if I would have keep the car I would have bought after market high performance brakes for a little more than stock, that would have solved the problem, other than that it was a sweet car, loved driving it. Miss it! I am writing this post because I have come across another Grand Am just like mine was color and all, but with the new ram air hood and XM radio, moon roof in it, not sure if I am going to go and do this trade, but I do miss the way the car road. I also have had a long history of Pontiac Grand Am's, Sunbirds even a 1967 Pontiac Catalina, was my first car, and I loved every car Pontiac has made, yes there where some problems, but just like all cars, (Hynda, Ford, and yes even Honda, my friends have had) buy a extended warranty for up to 100,000 miles for about $1000 and forget about it :). I think it is well worth it, the new Grand Am GT1 is a sweet car.

P.S. yes buy used with low miles the price drop is a joke.


19th Dec 2003, 19:37

We are the owners of two Pontiac's. One, grand am GT1 2001 that we bought brand new and a grand prix GTP 2000 that I purchased from my father (who bought new). The GTP was taken to the dealer after seeing rain for the first time, because it leaked from the front windshield! The Grand AM needs brakes and rotors, but it is still under factory warranty--will that be covered? We have had the alternator replaced in the Grand AM and besides the noisy ride, crazy blinkers that work when they want to and bad brakes-it's an OK car. I love the GTP. Performance and style-it's wonderful.

20th Mar 2004, 12:11

I bought a new 2001 Pontiac Grand AM. I have had some minor problems with it. I had to replace the brakes about a year after I purchased it. The turn signals have been intermittent (There is a recent recall on this problem). Just recently the blower went out. It only blows air on the highest setting. Over all I really like this car. I have put a lot of miles on it and it seems to be holding up.

16th Jul 2004, 19:38

I have a 2001 Grand Am. I have had problems with the brakes as well. My first notice of the problem was at approx. 15k miles. I was told that because they're squealing was due to breaking them in. OK. Now at 27k I'm told that I need new brake pads/rotors. I've talked to GM at the 15k mark and was also told that this is a wear/tear problem...I'm responsible for this repair. Does anyone know if there is a recall possibility on Pontiac brake pads? Far stretch I know because everyone and their mother will want their brakes redone. But, $350 is a lot of money for a NEW car and just the front done. I'm sad.

15th Jun 2006, 09:43

I bought a 2001 Grand Am GT1 new in November 2000. The car now has 32,000 miles and has only been to the dealership 1 time to replace a moulding insert on the rear bumper. Looks great, sounds great, and I have it checked every 3000-5000 miles when I change oil and filter. The last time in, the guy at Goodyear told me my brakes were about 50%. 50 to 60,000 thousand miles seems good. I really have had no problems with this car. No leaks, starts in the coldest weather, etc. Maybe I got the reverse of a lemon!

16th Jul 2006, 11:41

I bought a new 2003 Pontiac Grand Am Se in Jan. It had only 17,000 miles on it, now has 36,000. My brakes are horrible, my security lights keep coming on, making the car not start, and when I'm braking, the squeaking noise is horrible. I'll never purchase this car again.

29th Nov 2006, 10:44

I guess I got a really good Grand Am. I bought my 2001 SE-1 from a rental car agency 4 years ago and it has been the best car I've ever owned. Not one single problem, no rattles or squeaks, and AWESOME performance. I have the old "Quad 4", which seems to be a very reliable motor, and is much more powerful than the new EcoTech 4. It is faster than the new G-6 models with the V-6. The Grand Am is the absolute best buy on the used car market. My family has had extremely good luck with used rental cars because they have been properly maintained and any problems caught and fixed before they were put up for sale. My family has one former Buick rental car that went 230,000 miles without a problem.