3rd Apr 2004, 13:20

I purchased a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am SE in May of 2003. The same day, a few hours later I had to replace the 2 front control arms. Cost me $600.00.

Couple of months later the front passenger powder window started rolling up inch by inch. I have to allow several minutes of cool off time. Two weeks after that the right back window did the same exact thing. Never got it fixed.

ABS light is on since I purchased the vehicle, they cannot turn it off - I was told it's OK.

My battery light came on about a month ago, got new battery, but the very next day I had to purchase a new alternator. That event cost me $350.00.

Every time it is raining, as the car gets wet on the bottom it gives loud noises.

The volume button on the radio doesn't function.

Two weeks ago my horn stopped working.

Today, I was driving on the highway, the dashboard went crazy, and I was just lucky to pull the car over. Eventually, it stopped on its own, the key was in the ignition, the car had power, the power window worked and all the lights came on on the dashboard. I put it in park and in gear, but didn't do anything. Finally, I shut the engine off. I re-started the car and it worked for about 2 miles and it did the same thing again. It shut off on me, but at this time I couldn't move the steering wheel at all. I shut off the engine again and it worked- again.

I am a single college girl who really can't afford this. Please don't sell these types to single females.

I don't think I need another Grand Am.

13th Jul 2004, 11:59

I bought a 96 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2 door 3 years ago. I am single mother. The car had only 48,000 miles when I got it. Boy it was a beauty.

A couple of days later the water pump was leaking. That cost 700 dollars. most of was labor since it was a Quad 4.

Then on a emergency trip to oklahoma the coil housing went out. That was 200 dollars. Apparently, the coil housing is made out of plastic so it will need to be replaced every so often, especially making long trips.

Now for the second time the power windows are shot. both sides in the middle of summer.

Found out recently the motor mounts are shot causing electrical problems. Those are 100 dollars a piece.

For such a pretty looking car, be prepared for high maintenance...

Can I get some input on how to do some of this work myself instead of taking it to the shop... attitude2ya@yahoo.com.

17th Aug 2004, 12:31

I am 18 years old and I had bought a 96 Pontiac Grand Am less than a year ago. I have had nothing, but problems out of it ever since. My water pump, radiator, brakes, you name it has went out. I bought it with 103,000 miles on it and now almost a year later there are 117,000 miles on it and my transmission went out. If you have a Grand Am get rid of it while you still can. Thank you for listening to me and good luck with your cars.

12th Nov 2004, 08:16

I have a 1996 Grand Am SE too, and to the guy who says regular maintenance will solve all of these problems keep dreaming. My car has about 71,000 miles on it now, I have been the lone owner of my car, have done all the regular maintenance. This car has given me nothing, but grief since the day I bought it. I have had to make repairs to it at least every 6 months or less between breakdowns. My most recent problem has been with the theft system I had it replaced a year ago because it went bad, don't need it to run the car, but the car won't run with out it because it cuts off the gas. Now its doing the same thing and I'm afraid I'm going to be stranded somewhere. Looks like its about time to trade it in. I couldn't possibly sell it myself I would feel too guilty!

12th Jul 2005, 13:54

Bought my '96 GA SE in the spring of 2001, it had 77,000 miles on it with the 3.1 Liter engine. Alternator went out at 115,000 miles, replaced. Water pump went out at 165,000 miles, replaced. Transmission died at 191,000 miles, replaced. Intake manifold gasket went out at 251,000 miles, replaced. Lower control arm bushings replaced at 260,000 miles. Brakes get replaced around every 40,000 (except the back brakes get it at 20,000). Had to put a driver side window regulator in it. Now it's got 265,000 miles on it and I believe I'll get 300,000 out of it! I've drove the wheels off of it in 4 years (188,000 miles!!!) and she still runs smooth and the body is in great shape!

VERY HAPPY with my Pontiac Grand AM SE!!!

23rd Jul 2005, 12:31

96 Grand AM GT Bought the car used, guy just had alternator and water pump replaced on it. Have had it a week and now the power steering is out. We are gonna try the hoses first since it looks like it leaked out. But with all the noise I say it is gone. 130.00 plus the tires are outrageous for this car. but oh well I like the car, but I see it is gonna be a headache!

17th Oct 2005, 21:57

My 1996 Grand Am SE 4dr is the best car I have ever had and I've been through a bunch of cars. At 140,000 miles. all I have to do is put gas in it. And for get up and go- There aren't many cars in its class that can keep up with it. I've tested that!!

15th Dec 2005, 16:23

I purchased a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am Se from a private owner. When I purchased the car, it had 31,000 miles on it. At this point and time, I really haven't had to many problems with it. Considering that the car is almost 10 years old and that the previous owner appears to have maintained it very well. So far I've had to put 2 new tires on it, put 2 speakers in the doors, as well as having to put front struts on the car. Overall I'm very pleased with the car. At this point and time, I need to put another horn on the car. I have had a problem with it overheating, but was told that for some reason, the car will always overheat, and it dosen't help with the overheating, because I live in AZ., and it gets really hot here in the summer time. The price I paid for the car was less than $2,000, and the blue book was over $4,000.00, I feel very blessed so far to have this car with so few problems. I only hope and pray that I don't start having some of the problems that some of the other people have had.

29th Mar 2006, 08:50

I am having the same problems. Our most recent problem besides getting the ignition replaced has been with the theft system not allowing the car to start.