30th May 2010, 05:39

I bought a 96 Grand Am 1 month ago. And every problem that's been mentioned has happened to this car. It is a lemon for sure. And I bought it for my girl friend who is 7 months pregnant. So she needs a reliable vehicle just in case. I do not recommend this car to anyone.

23rd Feb 2011, 07:24

Wow.. Just went into shock after reading all the comments on the Pontiac-GA. I bought a Pontiac GA as a lease back in 1996.

The car has now 302177km on it and was and is the most reliable and fuel efficient set of wheels I have ever owned. It has no water pump problems, no fuel pump problems or anything I keep reading about. And the best part, it starts a -40c no problem with 0-30w syn oil. Also, what does need fixing is cheap to buy and easy to install by do-it-yourselfers for example brake rotors.

Anyways, very interesting, just amazed the Red Rocket in my drive way has transported 3 sons, wife, dog, me all over without most of the problems others are talking about. I would buy another one in a heartbeat but now not so sure.

As of Feb.23.11, I am trying for 400 thousand km. Wish me some luck.

23rd Feb 2011, 19:42

I just have to say most of the complaints on this thread hold no ground. Brakes, batteries, rotors, calipers, pulleys, shocks/struts are wear items never intended to last the life of the car! Water pumps usually fail around 90,000-130,000 miles on a lot of different makes of vehicles. Fuel pumps are another item that usually doesn't last the life of the car. And most of the comments mentioned their mileage, and are way over the mileage GM recommends the wear items I mentioned previously to be serviced and replaced.

19th Jul 2011, 00:14

My 96 G.A. was great for a while. Now it seems to be falling apart. After 3 alternators were put in it, I finally got a good one. Now for the last 9 months, the instrument cluster is just going crazy. All the lights are on, but none of the gauges work. And that's when you can get it started. I know it's the theft system, but no one can figure out which part. Finally had all the parts replaced, and still it only starts once a day. So that means once you're at work, you're stuck there.

The sad thing is the car only has 110,000 miles on it, and still looks really nice for its age. I'm gonna buy a nice Honda or Subaru. I don't think I will ever buy another American brand name again.

7th Nov 2011, 14:40

Yours must be Canadian model as well as mine. I have had only normal wear and tear problems with mine; 175,000 miles and still going!!!

11th Mar 2012, 20:44

I would have to agree that some parts need to be replaced, but if you ever changed water pumps before, you would find that the 96 Grand Am water pump on a 2.4 engine, was put in the worst possible place to get to that I have ever seen.

I have been working on cars since I was 14. I am 52 now, helping my son on his car. Unbelievable, I have bought new Grand Ams before, but after helping my son out, I don't think I would even buy a used one now!