3rd Mar 2007, 19:00

I have a 2000 pontiac grand am, and buying that piece of junk was the worst mistake!!! My engine is blown, the brakes and rotors go bad EVERY year, the transmission is bad, the cd player, headlights, turn signal, hazard lights and dome light do not work! I would never buy another pontiac again!!

24th Apr 2007, 09:53

April,24,2007 I have a 2000 Grand Am Se. This is just a disgrace that GM would let a vehicle leave its premises with these type of problems. I have had the car since it had about 30 thousand miles on it and I already had to replace the alternator once which was about 300 dollars with labor. I have also replaced the rotors twice and the problem just reacures again. I have also replaced the fuel pump twice since I had it, which cost me 1000 dollars for both times. My mirrors also fell off of the car on both sides which I fixed myself with some metal screws. My security system is also faulty on the car if it comes before you start the car good luck trying to start it. My ABS light also comes and will not go off. I also had to change the spark plugs 3 times already including the O2 sensor. Now their telling me that I have to replace the front hub kit on the damn car because it is causing a anoying humming noise in the front end. THIS CAR IS A PIECE OF CRAP, SAVE YOURSELF!!!

9th Jun 2007, 21:27

Ugh, Can anyone tell me how to fix my side mirror? It has fallen off for the THIRD time. The first time, I paid $300 to get it fixed.. The second time, my old next door neighbor took it and fixed it (I didn't see what he did--his garage is all the way in the back of the house, he just took it and brought it back to me--but he moved).. Anyhow, the one I paid $300 to fix has fallen off AGAIN! I do NOT want to put out $300 for the same dang problem. (The auto shop it was fixed in--changed owners, and my next door neighbor moved..lol)

I need help!

11th Sep 2007, 05:31

I always purchase used vehicles, but I research the vehicle before I buy it. So I knew about the Intake manifold gasket, and any other recalls, and I factor that into the negotiations.

I've had my 2000 Grand AM SE1 Sedan about 5 years, and I've had to replace Intake manifold gasket twice. The first time I used 3rd party product and had the Head gaskets done as well (That was at 70,000, just made sense to do it). I had it done again at around 199,000 (Intake and head gasket). That's been it for major work. I do the minor stuff myself. I replaced my passenger side mirror (wife banged it).

Bought it on Ebay ($30.00), took me 5 minutes to remove the cover inside, and the screws (They are long). It's paid for and I'm going to do some modifications to it now. Paint job, rims, and ride it till it quits. I like sporty sedans, and my next car will be a used Lexus GS300 or Maxima.