6th Jun 2003, 16:25

I absolutely listened to my dealer and the rubbing/grinding noise WAS coming from the tires. After all 4 tires were replaced my car was quiet and good as new. I'm not telling you to assume that all grinding noises are coming from the tires, but use some common sense... If you replace the brakes and/or rotors and it is still grinding, then chances are the problem is somewhere else, most likely the tires!

Maybe I am one of the lucky ones, but I have 32000 miles on mine and never a problem, not even brakes. In fact I just bought out my lease today! I am proud to own this car.

8th Aug 2003, 15:01

I would actually describe the tire rubbing noise as "chug-a-chug". It's most notable at low speeds when the tires are rotating relatively slowly (below ~30 mph). It's more likely to occur in the winter when the air is less humid and you will hear it whether or not the brakes are applied. The noise is extremely annoying and rather embarrassing.

13th Nov 2003, 17:15

My tires are making the same noise and I've been told it's the way the tires sit on the rim. I;m trying to get GM to pay the cost of replacing the tires. Has anyone else had any luck in doing so??

13th Nov 2003, 21:23

They told you the "tires rubbed against" the rims?!?

WHAAAATTTT? It's a load. Den.

9th Apr 2004, 16:59

If you say that the tires are ridding or rubbing on the rims, then your tires wouldn't move. If you think of it. As well as your tires would be really worn.

3rd Jun 2004, 10:02

I brought my car in because of the exact noise and they said I needed new brakes and my rotors had to be machined (rust problems). I had it done and 2 weeks later the same noise. I brought my car in today and they said "good news, it's not your brakes, it's the tires rubbing against the rims". GM is replacing the front tires for free. What I say is why not all of the tires. I have had them rotated and they probably have the same wear! I am waiting for a call back and we will see. They said it's a recall called G grooving or something like that.

7th Sep 2004, 15:26

I do not have the original tires and my started doing it at about 48,000, and I have kumho 712s. the road noise is loud so I do not notice the rubbing noise to much, so I'm going to take it to a good automotive shop and see what they say. dealers lie, I have friends that work in the service department.

17th Nov 2004, 20:25

I guess I am one of the lucky ones, or maybe I am really naive... My dealer was up front with me right from the beginning and told me of the "Tire Rubbing" problem. They replaced all 4 tires for free. Mine were only the front ones that rubbed also. They replaced all 4 because Good Year re-engineered the tires so the problem wouldn't happen again. So apparently, if you have aftermarket tires, this could happen to you. Also if you don't get all 4 replaced it might happen again when you rotate your tires. There is something wrong with the front end of this car that causes this to happen with any tire other than the ones Good Year re-engineered. I've got 20,000 miles on my new ones and still going strong. I will keep my fingers crossed!