22nd Feb 2010, 11:25

I have a Gran Prix GT, and just today my window fell into my door frame, and it's quite cold in Missouri now, so this is a problem for a broke person. I assume it's the same clips, motor regulator problem as everyone else. I wish we could all do something about this together... fat chance.

17th Jul 2010, 22:42

Well it seems to me like everyone is having my problem. I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT; it doesn't even have 50 thousand miles on it, it is garage kept, and is barely driven. Me and my husband came back tonight, and he went to put up the window, and it fell completely inside the door. I'm not sure exactly what is wrong with it, because we haven't ripped the door apart yet, but I feel completely disgusted as I just paid out 1200.00 to have my power sunroof fixed, because it wouldn't close. I had that fixed at a dealer, but hope to fix this on our own; can't really afford to pay a couple more hundred like two weeks later.

I have read a lot of comments on her; do I need to replace just the plastic clips, or do I have to replace the regulator too?

Oh, I forgot to mention, this same window was fixed two years ago at the dealer when it was under warranty for a window motor.

18th Sep 2010, 10:55

Hello to all out there in the Pontiac world... I currently own a 2002 Grand Am SE. I bought the car for $7500.00. It had only 53000 miles on it.

From what I have read, there seems to be a problem with the plastic clips on the driver's side window... I have fought with this since I have owned the car.. I bought Sally in Feb 2010. Well I'm a pro now to fix this problem. The plastic clip on the driver's side window was broke, so I went to ASK.com to get directions on how to take the door panel. That was the easy part. I put the window back in the track. Fixed that. Well my ten year old son went to start the car for me and it happened again.. So off to the parts store to get clips.

Bought the clips at the local GM dealer and they told me to:

1. Clean the window very good after you get the old clips off.

2. Get some clear silicone adhesive.

3. Apply to window and give it 24 full hours to put window back in the car... Now I'm a woman, and I have to tell you this was easy.

To all ladies and gentlemen, don't let the dealerships sucker you. Good luck...