2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT1 3.1L from North America


A good performing car


Oil Leak (bad plug) at 10000 miles.

Stitching on driver's seat unraveled. Had to have seat restitched at 25000 miles.

Bad window regulator at 40000 miles.

General Comments:

Overall, the car has been reliable. The repairs have been few and far between. Once out of warranty though, repairs are costly.

The car handles great and is comfortable for long trips.

Would have liked to have gotten more bang for my buck!

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2004

2002 Pontiac Grand Am SE1 2.2L 4-cylinder from North America


The perfect college-student-economy car


My driver side fog light is out, and I haven't been able to figure out how to get to it to change it yet.

My radio used to get really bad reception, couldn't get any stations. So I took it to the dealer, turns out the antenna assembly was loose, and they fixed it, no charge. It works great again.

General Comments:

This Grand Am is the first car I have ever owned (the Buick belonged to my folks), and I love it! I knew that I was getting a deal on a reliable car.

It was very affordable- and you get lots of style for the price. Plus, the insurance is affordable too!

Excellent on fuel.

It is holding its value well, and I plan to trade up to some other Pontiac next year when the warranty is up. But, I know I'll miss my first Grand Am!

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Review Date: 24th January, 2004

27th Jul 2006, 05:56

I was just wondering if you have the ETS system in your Grand Am. I have it in mine, and it seems to be malfunctioning I think. I'm not entirely sure though. I seem to get a feeling in the car like the ETS has engaged, but it happens even when I am braking or slightly accelerating, and I don't know what is causing it? The light for trac low doesn't come on like it should if the system detected slippage.

2002 Pontiac Grand Am SE from North America


Makes me never want to buy an American product again!


Broken window operating system.

General Comments:

The driver side window clips broke on my 2002 Grand Am SE. The catch is that one of the clips is connected directly to the window, therefore requiring the entire window system to be replaced which is around $500. When I called a Pontiac dealer regarding this I was told this happens all the time and that it's normally on the driver side window.

Another friend of mine with a Grand Am GT has the same problem. Pontiac is aware of this major defect, but has done nothing about it. I've called Pontiac directly regarding this and so far they have done nothing.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2003

8th Feb 2004, 11:59

I own a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am and have had both the driver and passenger windows replaced. I contacted General Motors because I felt that this was quite unusual for the window clips to break at 20,000 and 30,000, respectively.

General Motors indicated they would make a note in the "record", but they were not aware of any defect in the window operating system.

It's nice to see another documented case of window clip problems.

2002 Pontiac Grand Am SE 4 cylinder from North America


Could have been better


The windshield started leaking. The water went all over the floor of my car.

The cooling fan squeaks when I turn off the car.

The power drivers seat stopped working and had to be replaced.

The steering wheel shakes at speeds over 60 MPH.

General Comments:

The car has always started.

The car lacks power when the air conditioning is on.

The seats are very comfortable.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2003

2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT from North America


Great car to buy, I'm glad I gave it a chance


When I first broke it in and I would go over 60 miles per hour the driver-side door sounded like it wasn't sealer properly and I could hear the wind outside. The faster I went, the louder the noise.

With in the first 9 months the tailpipes rusted and had to be completely replaced.

With in the first 6 months the stock Monsoon 6X9s started to sound very bad, and also had to be completely replaced.

The paint doesn't seem to hold up very well- there are a lot of small chips on the hood from rocks.

All of there problems were fixed free of charge except for the paint, yet the tail piped and speakers both are doing the same thing as before again and I hate to have to keep getting the same problem fixed- it's inconvenient.

General Comments:

The outside of the car is very sporty and fun in my opinion, which is what originally drew me to it.

The interior is very roomy and all of the controls for the stereo and heating/cooling are angled toward the driver.

The trunk is HUGE.

When I was side swiped about 2 months ago by a 1997 Honda Accord my car was mildly damaged, while the Accord had a huge dent on the front fender and bent the front Axel and damaged the wheel.

The car's performance is amazing. This alone makes up for every problem I've ever had with the car. It's sporty and small, but at the same time it's comfortable to drive. It feels a lot quicker when you're actually in it, and you can feel the torque (power you feel off the line) like you wouldn't believe.

The wheels (I have the 16" chrome) are great and they really stand out.

I think the Grand Am GT is highly under-estimated. If I had the choice to buy another car, I wouldn't. Maybe it's the fact that it's my first car, I don't know. I am proud to tell everyone I drive a Pontiac Grand Am.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2003

5th Mar 2004, 18:49

I'm proud to say it, too. I own a Pontiac Grand Am. Most people... they drive a pontiac... they never want to drive anything else. For good reason, too. These cars are really low-maintenance vehicles compared to other cars my parents and I have had. Beautiful, fun and great to drive. Grand Ams rule!