2002 Pontiac Grand Am SE1 3.4 V6 from North America


Classy and affordable, You Can't Go Wrong!


When I purchased the vehicle, there was a slight leak in the manifold gasket that the dealer took care of me before it turned into a big problem. After talking with my neighbor who owns a 97' he told me that he has put two in his car, that now has over 175k!

The Brakes ware fast, but will stop the car on a dime!

When I went to have keys made for the vehicle, the dealer had to make over 8 copies, before we could get one to work. I don't' know if it was their machine, or I just have a complicated key pattern. Either Way, after all the trouble I had with making keys, I don't think anyone will be taking my car anytime soon with out the original!

General Comments:

I get about 25 miles per gallon with a v6 automatic. This is much better than my Dodge Ram with a v8 360. After purchasing this vehicle, I now have money in my pocket to actually do some un-necessary driving!

Very Roomy, and comfortable.

Great Pick up, Fast, Powerful.

I have every option besides the sunroof. This car is very stylish. I look just as good in this car, as I did my big boy toy! I am very impressed, and will purchase another one, or at least another one of their stylish new cars!

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Review Date: 30th March, 2005

2002 Pontiac Grand Am SE1 from North America


A love-hate relationship!!! Buy the extended warranty!


Paint peeling on front bumper in first month.

Ignition cylinder was replaced due to key hanging up in ignition.

Check engine light came on, dealer found that the O2 sensor was faulty and replaced it.

Stereo replaced because it was not automatically cutting off when opening the door.

Water leaks into front door panels causing strong mildew odor when windows are down, also can hear something scratching windows when rolling them down, dealer replaced lower window trim.

In July 2004, the Maxi fuse was blown by an ignition wire pinched in an assembly and shorting out.

Last week (August 2004) the manual gear shift and linkage had to be replaced due to inability to shift into reverse.

Today (September 2004) the check engine light has once again reared it's ugly head.

General Comments:

The Grand Am is stylish, handles great on the back country roads, rides great over not so great roadways.

The cockpit feels like it was built just for me, a short person.

Controls are well within reach.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2004

11th Jan 2008, 08:52

Purchased a 2002 Grand Am SE in 2003. In 5 years I have had the coil pack repaired, the ignition switch repaired three times, the ignition module replaced, the fuel pump and filter, the spark plugs (due to the coil pack going out), in addition to normal wear and tear such as batteries, headlights, brakes and tires. I have had this car towed more than any car I've ever known. I'm a "frequent tower" at the local tow shop. Thankfully, I purchased an extended warranty that has been amazing, but it runs out in 10,000 miles so I'm getting rid of the car. I think my warranty has covered around $3000-$4000 of repairs. I love the way it drives and handles (when it runs) and I love the looks of it, but it has been a headache since day 1. Has anyone else had this many problems?

11th Feb 2010, 21:30

I have a solution to the ignition problem, You need to get to a mechanic that can do this; he will have to disable the PASSLOCK system and the car won't have any starting problems.

This has stranded me many times. Currently I have a 2002 Grand Am coupe SE1 and had the ignition changed, and it happened again and I said NO, I'm not putting in another ignition. I said I'm going going to customize something, so I did my research and found this web site that explains it all.