31st Dec 2003, 15:41

I've also had this problem. But unfortunately mine happened after my warranty went up. So I had to dump 1200 dollars in getting my tires and other little problems the dealer found fixed. I also complained about my brakes making a creaking noise, the dealer told me the brakes are fine and the noise isn't there anymore, but low and behold the noise is still there and I had my brakes replaced over the summer spending about 300 dollars. The car was fine for about two weeks then I had a friend who was sitting in my back seat complain of the same noise coming from the rear tires now. I am fed up with this car, it performs well and looks great, but I've had other problems for the three years I've owned it. I've had water leak in about 5 times, on the sixth dealer visit it finally got fixed. Then my fog lights wouldn't turn off even when the car was off, something about the switch magically got turned to on. My windows get scratched up, the drivers side in particular, I've had them replaced and the problem fixed. But then again the window is messed up more than ever. After the visit I noticed dents along underneath the window that were not there before, the dealer must have done that while trying to fix the window, but that's just my opinion. My air conditioning is also whack, when its on off air still comes out, but when switched to 1 or 2 nothing comes out, but when on 3 it comes out full blast, its really annoying. I just might try this BBB thing and get this settled, I might even get a totally different car.

4th Feb 2004, 11:27

With response to the A/C fan blowing nothing on 1 and 2 settings, and crazy hard on setting 3, there is a poorly made circuit board that is behind the fan controls. Malibu's, Grand Am's, and Alero's have a high tendency for these boards to fail, and fan settings one and two no longer work because of this. I forget the price of the part, but I do recall it is very annoying to replace the things.

14th Sep 2004, 08:27

I am amazed at reading everyone's stories because I have had the same problems with my 2001 Grand Am GT. I have been hearing noises that I thought were my brakes for about a year now. I continuously have them checked and am told over and over that the brakes are in good shape. I had no idea what the problem might be until I read the other stories. I refuse to go the dealer where I purchased my car because they just want to charge me for things that I don't feel I need, but never want to fix the problem that I complained about to begin with. I also just had to have my A/C fixed because it did not work on settings 1 and 2. Unfortunately, this was after my warranty had expired and I was stuck for the expense. Thanks for the advice about the BBB, I think I'm going to give it a shot.