5th Mar 2005, 18:51

Hey I have a '99 grand am.

If you look in the owner's book it will tell you how to turn off the auto door locks.

It's something like, hold down the lock button with the car off until it beeps then push the button to scroll through the settings. I think the third one is to turn off all auto locking functions.

29th Mar 2005, 08:09

Two weeks ago I purchased a 2004 Grand Am SEI. All the doors unlock as soon as I turn the key off.

I will also say that this is one of THE nicest cars I have owned.

22nd Feb 2006, 15:33

I had a 2001 grand am SE and it was a good car. I sold it and went back to the dealer and I had to get another one. in aug 2004 I got a 2004 ram air v6 and I have no complaints at all. It's fast, handles great on turns and people always look back at it. It's just a great car to have.

Cyril Marsh Random Island NfL.

4th Apr 2006, 12:59

My wife saw her new 2003 grand am with ram air and just had to have it. Bought used at 21,000 miles the only problem we would have was she would go out in the morning to go to work and it would not start. the radio would be on still?? it did this 2 times in a few months and finally I just put in a new battery and so far so good (hopefully). this is her car, when I drive it I just want to see if it will really do what the speedometer says (150mph:) ) she won't let me. drives like a go kart. she just loves it. I like it, but it could set better. I don't think it is very comfortable personally and I can hear to much road noise. just me though.

4th Apr 2006, 19:22

I've got an '04 GT and no the car will not go the 150 mph like the speedo says. It cuts off at just before 130. But that is stupid fast anyways on a public road. As for the road noise it is most likely the tires. The Goodyear RSA's tend to transmit a fair bit of noise into the cabin. When it is time to get new tires try another brand.

26th Jun 2006, 14:49

Grand Am is the most UNDER-RATED car on the planet!! I own a 2001 SE-1 and have never had one second's problem with it. I recently test drove several new sporty cars, such as the V-6 Mustang, Hyundai Tiburon, Dodge Charger (6), Mitsubishi Eclipse and a used Toyota Celica. Then I drove a 2004 Grand Am GT that had over 30,000 miles on it. Not only would the Grand Am eat the others for breakfast, but it would do it while making you feel like you were riding in a limousine!! Nothing came close to the power, ride and outright awesome styling of the Grand AM. Pontiac was insane for dropping it and replacing it with the anemic Camry clone G-6.

5th Aug 2006, 12:37

The Grand Ams are one of the finest cars made. I've owned my GA for three years and it is the absolute best car I've ever driven. Pay no attention to the idiot car magazine writers who put down US cars. I dropped my subscription to a major US car magazine because they hated American cars and put the Grand Am down. Of course, they probably get LOTS of advertising money from the Japanese. That might explain their bias against everything American.

20th Aug 2006, 16:52

Magazine writers are totally clueless about cars. The manufacturers give them the most expensive, highest powered cars to test, so one never gets an objective view of an average car. I also think that the Japanese car makers give them lots of perks (or money) to rave about their cars. You can't get an objective view of any car without owning one for a while. Our Grand Am is the best car we have ever owned.

30th Aug 2006, 13:40

I currently own a 2004 Grand Am gt and reading some of the opinions I've had very little problems as well with it. It rides good and has enough power for me. We don't have the autobaun, so I don't understand why people need anymore power. I'm reading a lot of people having trouble with brakes and I've got close to 60,000 kilometres on the car and the brakes still feel fine with me. I have had a little squeak now and again in the driver side window when rolling down, but big deal I can live with that. Other than that everything is cool.

30th Oct 2006, 20:11

I recently bought a 2004 Grand Am Ram Air V6 Sedan and it is by far the best car I've ever drove! I haven't had any problems with it at all and it rides very smoothly. I needed a car that would last me through college and I am very happy to say, I couldn't find another car as good as mine! Does anyone know much about cold air intake on these cars? Someone told me to try it, but I'm a little iffy about it. Please comment back! Thanks!!

31st Oct 2006, 10:57

To the Commenter above: I have a cold air intake on my 04 Grand Am and I love it. You remove the factory air box and tubing and install the filter in the fender-well by removing the tire and the plastic wheel-well guard. It's not difficult to do. The sound that the car makes under heavy acceleration is a nice deep rumble. There is a bit more performance in the upper rpm range, but it's not going to turn your car into a drag racer. Still, it's reasonably cheap and worth the effort.

5th Nov 2006, 19:36

Can someone explain in plain English the Ram Air thing?

I too have an 04 Pontiac Grand Am GT with Ram Air, having downsized from a Bonneville. It has performed well, gotten me where I wanted to go, even across country, and looks stylish and clean in classic white. My only real expense in the last year was for the multifunction indicator switch (turn signal) that began clicking randomly. Turn signals worked, but the additional clicking was annoying. I'm considering selling it and want to know how to explain Ram Air to a potential buyer.

I still believe Grand Am beats anything domestic hands down!

7th Nov 2006, 12:07

Yes, Grand Am DOES beat everything else hands down. It's the absolute best value in the used car market, although the GT's are still pretty pricey here. The Ram Air is simply a scoop that ducts air into the fuel injector intake, compressing the air the faster you go to increase the fuel-air mixture and boost power slightly. It not only boosts power, it looks cool too. I owned a grossly over-rated Japanese POS before buying a Grand Am, and I can tell you there is NO COMPARISION. The Grand Am will blow the doors off of ANY Toyota, and most Nissans and Hondas. It is also faster than the V-6 Mustang (I've driven both and I know).

18th Nov 2006, 23:54

I purchased a 2004 Grand Am GT about 2 months back and love it! I drive about 1/2 hr each way for work and this car has all the power and more to pass on expressway and to simply cruise along. My GA looks great in victory red, with sweet rims and tinted windows, it draws attention wherever I go. I am looking at getting replacement taillights.. clear lense type and getting the RAM AIR hood, mine currently has regular hood with ram air underneath. I passed on some imports for this car and couldn't be happier for the money and style!