23rd Dec 2010, 21:38

From day one I should have seen the omen. When I purchased my Pontiac Grand Am GT, the employee drove the car from the car wash they had at the dealer, and ripped off the driver's side mirror coming out. I had have a new one installed. Since he/she didn't know what they were doing, they bent the inside door that holds the window, in order to get something to fit, and damaged the window. It was not that noticeable at first, but through the years it became worse, and now it's stuck.

I had the motor on the door replaced with a new one, and all kinds of work, but the window is stuck on account that the bar that holds the window is bent. I need to get a new door in order to have an operable window that moves.

Then that cursed engine light, that I have spent so much money on mechanics trying to fix it. The first mechanic was a crook, and charged me a hefty fee to quote "fix it", and all that was wrong was that the stupid gas lid was not on tight enough. I didn't discovered that till few months later, as I was browsing the Internet for the problem with my type of car and solutions.

Now the stupid light is on again for weeks. Took it a new mechanic that has worked on my car before, and my car didn't pass inspection because he said it needed an EGR valve. Searched around for a cheaper mechanic, but they all gave me the run around. Went back to my regular mechanic, and paid 408.00 to have the darn EGR valve replaced and get the inspection sticker on. Happy was I to have the problem solved.

The happiness didn't last. The next day, the stupid engine light is back on again. I have a hole in my wallet as big as my hand from reaching in and pulling money all the time for the darn car. The bad thing by the time I trade my cars cars in, which are always Grand Am's, they have most of the problems taken care of, and the new buyer is thrilled with its performance. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.