26th Nov 2010, 23:17

Just bought a 98 Grand Am from a private dealer for 2995...

1. Found a wasp's nest in the fuel door.

2. Driver's door shimmed out with washers.

3. Driver's tie rod end about to go.

4. Whole exhaust system about to fall out from underneath the car.

5. Driver's window switch controls only drivers window.

6. Water pump started spewing coolant 1 week after purchase (dealer repaired for free).

7. Blower just stopped working tonight... luckily is only $25 at Auto Zone.

All in all, a very disappointing vehicle, and a testament to GM's "just put it together and worry about it later" attitude.

6th Dec 2010, 18:06

Just bought a 2000 Grand Am. Drove it home after buying tags, $100.00. Price of car $1300.00.

The car overheated after about 4 miles to the house. I took it to my mechanic, head gaskets blown, radiator leaking, washer motor shot, only 3, 4 and 5 blower speeds work, heater core leaking, air compressor needs to be replaced, radio will not turn off unless you hit off button, brake lights on also ABS lights, rear rim bent, intake manifold gasket blown, so far I've driven this car 4 miles. It cost me $4036.00 to get it on the road. The car looks great, it just won't go.

No wonder GM stopped making this piece of junk. Where are the recalls for all of these defects?

6th Mar 2018, 10:38

I bought my 2000 Grand Am brand new straight off the floor. Owned it 18 years now and it has been a wonderful car. I can count on one hand how many things have gone wrong. I used to drive the hell out of it too. It's not the cars fault, maybe it's the previous owner's fault, who knows. Every car that's ever been made in history has some problems straight from the factory.