3rd Oct 2006, 00:48

Well, Let me tell you, The 6 cyl is a piece of junk too, I have had A LOT of problems with it, the big thing is the intake manifold gasket blowing, which GM knows about and they refuse to recall them, (it is happening in a lot of their cars with this size engine) they had to make a new gasket out of different material and make it thicker, cost me $1500, the car quiting problem, I had to change my fuel pump and no more probs from that, even if you can hear the pump come on does not mean it is working right, they over heat and shut down, $250 bucks for that, 3 months after I bought this car it had to have new calipers, This car was brand new only 9 miles on it, the intake gasket happened 10 miles after the warranty was out, I think since GM knew about the problem they should have fixed it for free and did a recall, when I called them to state what was happening they said OH WELL there is nothing we can do, can you believe that?? I will never buy a GM again.


3rd Oct 2006, 16:14

Wow, reading these comments is like reading about my own car.

I too have the problem where I'll drive it around doing errands, and I get back after 10 minutes and my car won't start! The security light flashes too. Usually it will take 40 minutes to get it started. I've brought it into the dealer a couple times for this problem, and each time they've been able to start it no problem! I even leave it there for 2 weeks at a time and have them drive it everyday to try to replicate the problem, and they say it operates beautifully! But then when I get it, a couple days later it back to it's usually finicky "I'm not going to start on you" mode.

It only has 74,000 miles on it.

I've had to replace the drivers side-view mirror because it was about to fall off, and the door lock slipped out of place so I had to get that fixed too.

Plus my buttons on my keychain don't work anymore, but that's because I got so pissed at my car I threw my keys on the pavement.

24th Mar 2007, 07:51

Overall it's a great car for the price. I own a 2000 Grand Am SE, 2.4 liter twin cam 2-door with 102,400 miles on it. As for the ABS light coming on along with "several other lights", have the CV joints checked. When they start going bad it may cause enough vibration/slippage to set off the sensors causing the Check Vehicle Soon light, the ABS light, and the Trac Off lights to all come on at the same time. My drivers' door window has fallen down behind the door panel twice since I've owned it (bought it with less that 60K miles for $8K). There are some plastic clips holding the glass in place that tend to break on me once a year. Pull the door panel off and take the broken parts into a dealer to purchase new ones. It's always cheaper to replace them yourself without having to buy new glass too (Up to $500 plus to have fixed with new glass). The passenger side window had stopped working a while ago. I took the door panel off and the power motor out, cleaned and oiled the motor and it has worked fine since. The motor ceased up due to too much dirt and debris. I had issues with major vibration in the front end over 60mph too. I found that the 16" aluminum rims are easily bent by potholes. You can find replacement rims used for $150 or less each. It's a great A to B car that has taken care of me as well as I have taken care of it.

12th Apr 2007, 07:33

I bought my 2000 Grand Am SE 2 door in 2001 with 27,000 miles on it. It has been nothing, but a headache since. Things that have gone wrong:

1. Had to replace CV boots.

2. Driver's side window fell into door frame.

3. Currently can't roll down passenger side window.

4. Passenger side window leaked several times during rainstorms, flooding my back seat's floorboard and warping door.

5. Recently had to entirely replace brakes due to car shaking violently whenever I attempted to stop.

6. Turn signals failed (replaced under recall).

7. Air conditioning will only blow on high... knob will no longer turn.

8. Recently, my service vehicle soon light has been coming on just the first time I start my vehicle each morning. Subsequent starts do not show this happening. For the past few mornings, the power windows, rear window defrost, and air blowers do not work at all until my car has been driven for several miles. I have no idea what the problem could be and would appreciate any advice.

9. Passenger seat recliner button has been broken almost since I first bought the car.

I will never buy a Pontiac again and wish I could just trade this car in and be done with it.

1st Aug 2007, 09:03

Seems like you really do not know much about your car.

When you lock the car from the inside, it will not lock for 10 seconds. This is a nice feature if you realize you shut your keys inside the car. The horn chirp is simply telling you the car has locked itself. You can turn the chirp off as well. And- if it does not chirp that means there is a problem- such as something you did like left a door cracked, the lights on, didn't put it in park.

I have a 2000 Grand Am and the only thing I have ever had to replace is the water pump, and it only cost $60. Perhaps you just didn't take care of yours?

7th Aug 2007, 20:57

I bought a one owner 2000 grand am 4 door (4 cyl) in 2003. It was a wonderful car. The only bad thing that would happen is the head lights kept blowing. I would have to replace them at least 3 times a year. The thing that holds the bulb also broke off and I had to order it from the company. It is now 2007 and I have always taken care of my car. Regular oil changes, things like that. Then this... the drivers side power seat suddenly stopped working. The back drivers side window won't go down. The drivers side window will go down and then sometimes not go back up. It does eventually. I now have a coolant leak. It's not the radiator. I don't know where it's coming from. Someone said a hose? When they get a little age on them it seems they slowly fall apart, which I guess is natural... but not for a widow who can't afford to have expensive work done. I want to trade it off before anything else goes wrong with it... I know this is a Grand Am forum... but can someone suggest another good reliable car besides a Grand AM?

10th Jan 2008, 14:23

I've had some very similar problems with my 2000 4cyl SE. Paid $7K with 26000 miles in 2001. Fan speeds 1 and 2 stopped working almost immediately after purchase. The brakes started causing the car to shimmy soon after that. I had the blinkers fixed under recall. I've experienced problems with the driver's side power window operating intermittently. Experienced terrible gas mileage. The latest issue is a loud squealing noise coming from the serpentine belt. I think it's the tensioner.

Luckily I haven't paid much for repairs, I tend to just learn to live with the problems or figure out some kind of inexpensive DIY fix. I'm gonna drive this car until it blows up.