1976 Pontiac Grand Prix LJ Pontiac 455 from North America


Glad I got mine


Bought it, 3rd owner.

2nd owner had bought it and parked it for 20 years, but did move it every 6 months.

Had to remove old landau roof (rotten), patched the holes in the body, and replaced all brake components.

Replacing all hoses, belts, and electrical components.

Adding new intake manifold, dual exhaust and headers.

Need to replace seat covers and carpet.

General Comments:

Great style, comfortable to drive, and good looking.

Has factory installed sunroof, automatic air conditioning and 8 track tape. Console shift.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2009

1976 Pontiac Grand Prix LJ Pontiac 400 6.6L from North America


The 1976 Grand Prix is a perfect blend of muscle, luxury, and fun driving


Weather stripping leaks slightly from T-roof and trunk, but is still quite soft.

General Comments:

Well I can only say that the 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix is an absolutely brilliant car. Being a 21 year old who worked for Ford Motor Company and refuses to drive imported cars, this is the perfect car for me. My two previous cars being 90's models (94 Mustang GT, 98 Cadillac Deville), the Grand Prix is the best car I have owned so far. Despite it's size and weight, it's surprisingly easy to drive and the power steering is actually smoother than many newer cars I have driven. Being a 70's model it is not an all out race car, but it still has plenty of torque and power. There are many details that you notice when driving a large 70's car that makes modern cars seem cheaply put together: The velour interior, the emblems, the chrome, and the vinyl half-top are just things you don't see anymore that make it a work of art. It is all original except the Flowmaster and CD player. So far I have not had any problems and have just performed routine maintenance on it. I would recommend that you drive this in addition to something else because it is quite expensive to run. The gas tank holds about 25 gallons and I usually only get about 10-13 miles per gallon in the city. The car gets a lot of compliments and turns heads. The beefy Pontiac 400 motor echoes a very muscular sound that lights up the whole street. It does however run on regular unleaded which is good. A great car to buy restored or to work on as a project.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2006

6th Jun 2007, 10:09

Thanks for the positive experience of owning a 1976 pontiac grand prix. I have recently purchased a 1975 LJ model because I could never forget my fond memories of the one my mother own when I was 14 years old. The comfort, smooth ride, exterior body contours, and interior workmanship still to this day, makes this a very desirable car to owned over many expensive late model cars produce today. I intend to fully restore my car to concourse condition and then relish every opportunity when I'm behind the wheel of this masterpiece!