23rd Jan 2008, 21:51

1976 Grand Prix - YES! The first year featuring rectangular headlights - had a dark green one with white half-roof and interior! The taillights look great, but now in retrospect I don't like the front "waterfall" grille that much! These would be great cars to restore - painted a nice color...don't do a vinyl roof though. Too much trouble to maintain.

My other favorite car is the Jaguar XJ 2 door coupe - hard to find! LOOK GREAT - they all had vinyl roofs - restore without!

Long live classic cars!! Alan N.

3rd Jan 2009, 20:59

I have a 76 GP. I am 28 years old. I've had 32 cars in my lifetime. Supra, Caprice, Z28, Nova, Benz, But... I Love my GP!! Wow, what a car!! If you had a hand in making the 76 "I drive". Thank you!!! Now in 2009, it's my everyday driver.

I bought the car from the 1st owner. The car has been in my home town its whole life. The best car ever!! It just is. I sleep in it from time to time.

11th Jan 2009, 01:53

I have never owned a Grand Prix, I had a 76 Cutlass Supreme, that was in the 70s when I lived in Vancouver, BC.

I am orientating myself now on getting one of the mid 70s again, they are absolutely stylish great smooth & powerful rides.

In Netherlands we can convert to LPG, it is often done for gas guzzlers. Very economic. One then still has the option to switch from LPG to gas, both options are available after the conversion!

I have a Q. How do the rides of 75-77 GP's compare when it comes to the 300, 350 or 400 engine. I think those never came stock with a 455, right?

I am in love with the maroon with the red velours interior :)

11th Jan 2009, 11:14

I had a '76 that was the most reliable car I ever owned (and I've owned a lot of reliable cars). That one had the 400, and loads of power, but the ride was horrible - I think some previous owner, being a motorhead, had done something to the suspension. Perhaps shocks or something - he had put on these wide non-original spec tires, which I hated. The net result to whatever he'd done was a jittery ride, over sensitive breaks, and suspect handling. I find it hard to believe that all Grand Prixs with 400 motors had that rough 'sporty' ride.

A good friend of mine had a '77 model with the 301, and it has a wonderful soft supple ride and decent handling. Though this car was high mileage and quite worn, it had been left original, so the ride was fine.

11th Jan 2009, 23:35

The 455 was available on the 1975-76 GP's but not on the 1977, the 403 was offered on the 1977, I don't think the 301 came until either 1976 or 1977 (can't remember which year).

16th Jan 2009, 02:48

I own one of the 1976 Golden Anniversary model GP with t-tops. I stopped driving in daily back in about 1988. Garaged all that time, but due to rough times here I was forced to press it into service. We got it going with some slight effort for as long as it sat not really being prepared to store. There is some minor rust on the rocker panels and a few dents and dings. Hoping that things get better and I can have it re-painted and fixed up some. (41,900 miles on it)

7th Feb 2009, 01:01

Just put dulez on the GP & new shocks. It doesn't feel like the same car. I'm in love all over again. What a car.

12th Apr 2009, 00:08

I love my car. I just can't say how much it means to me. Just spanked a Cobalt SS because he wanted it. All the time people talk to me about the car if they had one or never seen one. My baby 76 GP. Love It!!! Clabo @ " VillinBoyz/MySpace.com"

24th Aug 2009, 02:08

Still driven the 76 GP. Now that Pontiac has shut down. A shame :( More and more people say oh!! That's gonna be worth a lot of money. I say "Maybe". "But I'll never sell". I love this car!! My 8 year old daughter wants it when she can drive. I have not seen one anywhere in my state since I've had it. In Pigeon Forge we have car shows 4 times a year. Big ones so that says a lot. R.I.P Pontiac.

7th Jan 2010, 19:53

I love my 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix. The car holds the road wonderfully, and I have no issue with power (my engine was replaced with a 400 my father and I rebuilt). The handling is good, especially for such a large car with as much front end as it has.

No Grand Prix 73-77 came with any engine smaller than a 301 (no V6). In 1976, you could get a GP with a 350, 400 or 455. In 1977, the 455 was no longer available, and as another user said, the 403 was introduced. In addition, the 301 was also introduced in 1977 (good, small-displacement engine. It was not a bad engine at all; just don't expect tire-burning power). Now, as for the 350, I believe in 1977 you would wind up with either a Pontiac, Chevy or Oldsmobile 350.

Of course, the car is heavy, and equipped with a V8, so you can't expect small-car fuel economy; However, it is reasonable as it does have low highway gears in the rear. No other car looks like it - it's unique. Some people don't know what the car is at first glance. It certainly is a beautiful, enjoyable car - what a great car!

20th Apr 2011, 09:08

Good morning, I am the original owner of a '76 Pontiac Grand Prix.

The chassis is SJ and the body is an LJ. From the factory. The only things not stock on this automobile are Truspoke wire wheels which really set the car off. The body is black with burgundy accent pin stripes. The interior is burgundy leather. This car is an eye catcher. I did not buy the factory mags because I ran out of money at the time and put the wires on a year or so later.

I have never had a problem other than routine maintenance with my machine. All of my friends and family loved the car. Had it in a few car cruises could have sold it a dozen times at each cruise. Never saw another one like it.

Finest car I ever had, I guess you can call these vehicles, "sleepers".


Dave Burock Penna. 570-379-2570.