1985 Pontiac Grand Prix 5.0L V8 from North America


One of the greatest cars ever built


Rebuilt carb at 90,000.

Replaced exhaust system.

Rear brake cylinder blew at 90,000. Replaced both of them.

Replaced the radiator twice.

Master cylinder went and was replaced at 150,000.

Patched small hole in back seat floor (rusted out).

Paint has worn.

Bottoms of the doors are rotting out.

Gas gauge has stopped working and several of the dash lights have gone out. This is not due to a faulty sensor or bad bulbs, but is because of the stamped circuit that delivers power to these items behind the dash.

The car currently has a vacuum leak in the intake manifold.

General Comments:

For such a "large", body-on-frame kind of a car, it handles surprisingly well. The 305 V8, often maligned for being underpowered and anemic, accelerates beautifully and has no trouble maintaining speed.

The car has never left me stranded. Even with a leaky radiator and a vacuum leak, the car moves like a champ. After sitting for six months, she still starts right up.

The car is simple to work on. The parts are easy to find; any Monte Carlo, Cutlass or Regal parts will work on it. S-10 truck suspension and brakes are also usable. The car has the standard Chevy 305, so parts for that are simple and cheap. Also, the mounts will allow a wide variety of engines, from a Buick 231 to a 350, 305, 403, 454... almost any GM engine will bolt into this without an issue.

I've had this car for almost eight years, and would buy another G-Body in a heartbeat. It has been nothing but reliable.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2008

1985 Pontiac Grand Prix 5.0L V8 from North America


This car is utterly bulletproof and is one of the best cars I've ever had.


Replaced rear brake cylinders around 104,000 miles.

Replaced radiator and heater core around 120,000.

Repaired transmission leak around 130,000.

Currently needs new radiator, doors and there's a pesky vacuum leak that I'm trying to track down.

General Comments:

I love this car. She's quick, rides smooth and handles well for a car this size.

The doors have rotted out and need to be replaced, but there is very little rust on the underbody or frame -- unheard of in the northeast, where I am.

The 305 V8 is bulletproof, and has never left me stranded anywhere. This car will fight through just about anything and keep going.

Probably one of the best cars I've ever owned.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2008

1985 Pontiac Grand Prix LE 5.0 from North America


A Great Classic Car


Radiator, front springs, transmission replaced twice in the time span owned.

General Comments:

A great reliable car, the last one made that was straight 4 barrel, non-fuel injection. nice comfortable ride, moderate on gas. very large trunk. they don't make them like this anymore!

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Review Date: 31st March, 2006

28th Jan 2007, 19:36

Don't get a cruddy Sunfire! Stick with a Grand prix of that generation. I have a Bonneville of that vintage and would certainly not consider a Sunfire an acceptable replacement.

1985 Pontiac Grand Prix LX 2.0 V6 from North America


A complete waste of time and especially money.


The radiator leaked constantly.

The radiator hose burst, ruining the insulation on the underside of the hood.

The oil fill cap never stayed on, it always vibrated loose, causing hot oil to go everywhere under the hood.

The car took what seemed to be forever to get it started in the morning, especially when it was cold outside.

Once the car finally did start, you had to sit with your foot on the gas pedal for a good 3 or 4 minutes or it would stall out.

Finally on day the engine locked up, I sold the car for scrap.

General Comments:

The car was a good one if you like spending hours fixing it, shelling out ridiculous amounts of money, and almost always needing to be towed home.

The only good thing that came from owning the car was that I made $100 on it when I sold it for scrap.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2003

11th May 2004, 16:57

Any automobile built more than 10 years ago will have many problems after 100,000 miles. If you purchase an older vehicle with more than 100,000 miles be prepared to spend some money to continually maintain it. This is an American made car with parts available anywhere you turn. I replaced the transmission on mine with one I found at a junk yard for $250.00. Maintenance is VERY inexpensive, and most parts can easily be replaced by the owner with only a very basic knowledge of American engines.

My point is that the 1985 Pontiac Grand Prix is one of the best cars I've ever driven. YOU PURCHASED AN 18 YEAR OLD CAR WITH MORE THAN 100,000 MILES!! To discriminate and slander the vehicle and the manufacturer is out of line.

24th Jun 2011, 11:44

Did you ever adjust the carb needles? PROBABLY NOT!

Did you ever think to buy a new $5 oil cap! HOW ABOUT REPLACING THE RADIATOR AND ALL ITS HOSES BEFORE SOMETHING GOES WRONG!!! It's called preventative maintenance.

I feel sorry for your cars. As soon as one of my cars starts leaking or not acting right, I find out what it is and fix it! I'M ONLY 17!!! I WORK A MIN. wage job and go to school, and yet I can maintain a car. Buy a shop manual next time, and on a car like this you can do most of the repairs with a ratchet set!!! Good luck with your vehicles! Learn something.

2nd Oct 2011, 05:46

I agree with you 100% on that one.