2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT2 3.8 from North America


The best car I've ever owned

General Comments:

I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix and it is the best car I've ever owned. I honestly can't find anything bad to say about it.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2006

2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT2 from North America


Too many problems


Electrical wiring for rear bulbs needed replacement when I drove off the dealer lot.

Rear windshield needed replacement as radio became fuzzy when turning on the rear defroster this was first discovered when winter came and I bought it in the summer.

Interior plastic piece where the keys hit fell off.

Interior plastic for the door handle on front passenger side fell off.

Big spaces in trim on the outside on the rear passenger side doors.

Steering wheel whines like crazy due to insufficient power steering fluid levels from factory.

Magnasteer needed replacement due to "clicking" of hte wheel at 53000km..

Now it's starting to go again at 70,000 km.

AC Compressor blew at 67,000km together with Battery failure.

General Comments:

I bought the car due to the incredible leg room in the vehicle and the nice styling. I know previous grand prix owners who loved their car.

I was incredibly disappointed with the built quality of the vehicle.

I am also disappointed in the lack of headroom. I have less than 1cm of head space when sitting upright and I don't have a tall torso (my height is in my legs)

Interior room especially for the rear is poor due to the aggressively sloped rear windshield.

You can definitely feel the road through the steering wheel and it's a very nice drive otherwise. I like the sporty feel of the vehicle.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2006

12th Sep 2009, 22:58

I got the clicking noise in my Grand Prix 04. How much did it cost you to fix it?

16th Sep 2010, 21:42

I have a 2003 Grand Prix, and I know others with different years and models of the Grand Prix. It just sounds to me like you unfortunately dealt with someone who sold you a defective car. For the inside plastic pieces to just fall off, tells me it must have had some serious repairs done before, and obviously not properly. Pontiacs definitely come with their problems, but it's always in the transmission or motor. I have never heard of it being with the interior like that. Have someone knowledgeable and trustworthy look at it, and tell if there are any indicators it had been in any accidents before.

2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP w/Comp Group 3.8 Supercharged from North America


Wonderful performance sedan that did not forget the family


Something in the front suspension (some bolt) came loose 2 times. Last time the dealer fixed it right.

General Comments:

Wonderful performance sedan that did not forget the family.

If you want any kind of performance out of it, must use super unleaded gas.

Only thing to make it better is 30+ more horses (see 2006 GTX) and AWD.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2006

2004 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8 from North America


Best car I have ever had


Nothing to complain about.

General Comments:

This Grand Prix is one heck of a car for the price. Sporty looking, powerful, comfortable, drives like a dream, sounds good. I could go on and on. Instrument panel is easy to read.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2005

2004 Pontiac Grand Prix SE2 Base from North America


Bad brakes


The only problem we have had is the brake issue. The car has 20K miles on it and we are being told by the dealer that the car needs new pads and rotors. This was something that we were told is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty because this is normal maintenance.

I asked the dealer how this car could need new brakes after only 20K HIGHWAY miles AND they said that they see it all the time. They wanted $180 to repair the brakes. I told them to put the wheels back on and give it back to me.

Later I find out that there is a GM service bulletin out there that says they are not to re-cut the rotors unless they are pitted or warped. I called the dealer back and asked them why they were going to charge me for something they are not to do. Then I asked if they were aware of the bulletin. The response shocked me; "I know there is one out there, but I have not read it.." That's when I lost it and my threats came. I am awaiting a resolution with this now.

General Comments:

I think it is crazy for this car to need new brakes with 20K highway miles on it. This car was driven off the lot less than 7 months ago. Then I see all the complaints on this site relating to the brakes. This is obviously a widespread issue.

I am scared to find out what will fail next after reading this site.

Also as a side note, I had an issue with the dealer in which they tried to pull the old bait and switch thing.. I called for a quote over the phone and they said they had a brand new vehicle in my price range. When I got there, I looked at the car and saw cigarette burns and also that there was 6000 miles on it. I was furious. I threatened and they gave me a few bucks off...

If anyone knows of a recall or interested in taking this off my hands, let me know.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2004

6th Nov 2004, 19:28

First of all, you docked points for the car when the car had nothing to do with your problem. You said the car had 6000 miles on when you bought it, so you don't know how bad the brakes were worn at the time of purchase.

Second, a lot of places won't turn down rotors anymore. It is very hard to do because if there is any type of flaw in the rotor after turning them, you'll ruin a new set of brake pads very quickly. Over the years, the cost of rotors has come down so much that is usually cheaper and easier just to put new ones on the car.

Plus, if that 180 bucks included labor, then that's not a bad deal for pads and rotors all the way around.