2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP 5.3 V8 from North America


Nightmare !


Nov 08: Windshield rock chip. Day two.

Dec 08: Remotes intermittently worked. Dealer wanted $200 per remote.

Dec 08: Rear brakes bad. Rotors unevenly worn, gouged. Hard to find correct parts. Replaced myself.

Dec 08: Front brakes squeal. Hard to find parts. Expensive. Replaced myself.

Feb 09: Low oil light; 2-3 quarts low.

Mar 09: Rear tires bald; inside edges showing steel radial. Can only see looking under the car. Was told wheels were aligned this way for performance purposes. Hard to find tires. Replaced with knockoff brand at $150 per tire.

Mar 09: Front right caliper bolt came out. Caliper and pads fell off while driving.

Apr 09: Passenger floor board flooded; standing water 2 inches deep:

May 09: Needed 3 road service jump starts. Need new battery. Hard to find. Difficult to install.

Jan 09 - July 09: Lost 50% of its KBB/NADA value!

Sept 09: Hydraulic belt tensioner broke. Left stranded on interstate at 3am. Two weeks in the shop; $700 warranty repair. Parts had to be ordered.

Nov 09 - Jan 10: Headliner water leaks/stains. 5-6 times. Couldn't find leak.

Oct 09: Passenger floor floods again. 3 inches standing water. Turned out to be clogged sunroof drains.

Nov 09: Small rock cracks windshield: $500-700 replacement because it has the Heads Up Display "HUD"

Dec 09: Ford dealer where purchased from values the car at $6000 to trade in; 12 months after buying from them for $18K: Owed $14000:

Dec 09 - Jan 10: Bad transmission relay/valve. 2 day estimate turned into 3 week repair. Parts not in stock: $2000 warranty bill.

Jan 09: Center gear selector panel lights stopped working. Couldn't see in the dark. Couldn't find the problem.

Jan 10: Front right caliper falls off again!

Jan 10: XM radio stops working.

Jan 10 - on : Suddenly hard to start.

Jan 10: While having $180 per front tire replaced, was told front bearings were bad.

Nov 08 - Jan 10: 13-15 MPG AT BEST 50/50 driving.

Jan 10 - Currently IN STORAGE!!!

General Comments:

Fell in love at first sight. Originally was there to pick up an 06 Ford Explorer, but noticed this chrome and black beauty off in the corner of the parking lot.

Loved it even more after a test drive. Car stands out. At least one attempt to break in and one successful. Stole some money and prescription pills.

Traded in my nearly paid off 03 Impala. Paid $18k with extended warranty, tags and tax. KBB/NADA booked for $18-$20K. Noticed from the get go the EPA 18-27 MPG was a big ol lie! Everything for this car is hard to find, hard to get, expensive and part numbers at local part stores often were incorrect. Common parts like pads, rotors, batteries and tires were never stocked at any of the big chain part stores.

Car is very very fun to drive (5 tickets in the year that I've had it). Again, the car is a blast to drive, sunroof open, pedal down, Monsoon stereo blasting and that V8 exhaust rumble was just awesome! That alone kept me from setting the thing on fire!

The reality of it though; it's a gas guzzling, high maintenance, ticket magnet, tire eating, brake pad squealing, exhaust system rusting, super thin windshield having P.O.S!!! The worst experience one could possibly have with a car. Not much information about this thing online either.

Was too afraid to drive it from Louisiana to Chicago to see my family. I never made it home for the holidays before my deployment because of this thing, and now it sits in storage until I can pay it down so I can dump it! I'm now making two car payments; one for the GXP and one for the car I'm driving in the U.K. because it's actually cheaper to leave the GXP in the states than to put it on the road here in England. Insurance quote alone was $230 PER MONTH!! I'm nearly 25 with a Clean Driving Record and no insurance claims, I don't understand why it's so expensive.

Beautiful car that's been a complete tragedy! A great disappointment and a huge financial strain. Tsk Tsk Pontiac! I hope people see this and REALLY THINK TWICE!! There's a reason they're all over Autotrader at low prices.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2010

19th Mar 2010, 14:49

Yikes is my reaction to reading that review. Was this car a rental unit?

19th Mar 2010, 18:24

All GM vehicles with the optional heads up display have the same windshield for the particular model with the option. The heads up display reflects off the windshield from the screen on top of the dash. Whoever told you that it is a special windshield has no clue what they are talking about.

2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP 5.3 V8 from North America


Water leaks into trunk. After spending almost $1000 to fix it, I gave up and deal with it.

Dash squeaks since day one.

Transmission went at 22k miles; good thing it was still under warranty, however the dealer was trying to get out of it, they were saying since my front tires had half the tread of the rears, I must be drag racing it. I had to take it to another shop, and they couldn't find any rubber on the fender.

Lights going out on the AC controls, I have to carry a flashlight so I can work the HVAC.

General Comments:

The V8 is a lot of fun, very quick.

Gas mileage is bad, even with the cylinder deactivation feature (average 19 mpg mostly hwy)

Bucket seats are very comfortable.

Manson stereo is horrible, too much bass, nothing else, only one disc (no changer), and the navigation system is awful, you have to tell it what region you are in, maybe I was spoiled with my previous car's navigation, it was so much better (Lincoln).

After taking it back to the dealer 9 times, my remote starter works now almost all the time :)

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Review Date: 25th February, 2010

23rd Feb 2011, 21:07

I am looking on getting an 05 or 06 GXP. I had an 05 GTP Comp G. It was totalled. I love Pontiacs though, even though they're gas guzzlers. LOL.

I hope I don't have them problems you mentioned because my 05 GTP was great. No problem.