2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 Series III supercharged from North America


This car has only cost me some brake work (pads & rotors), oil change, tires, control arm bushings, & a tail light bulb.

Also has engine light on for the oxygen sensor, but I ain't touching that sensor until it starts to cause problems, like excessively burn gas.

The driver's information center shows "Check Gas Cap" on occasion... (like once a month or so).

All is only wear & tear/maintenance items. No major problems at all.

General Comments:

This car is awesome, powerful, and easy on the eyes. Has a VERY quick take off from a stop, and passing power on the highway. Has "Tap Shift", which enables you to manually shift gears.

Heated leather in the winter works great, seats are generally comfortable for any trip. Heads Up Display is a definite bonus. (The Heads Up Display is Green instead on Red like older models, and I find that Green is easier to see).

Like other complaints, I find that this car does have too much body roll, I had a 2004 Grand Prix GT, which handled like it was on rails compared to this one.

Lots of interior room, but if it has an electronic sunroof, then head room is cut a bit shorter. But the electronic seats fix that.

Electronic Traction Control can be turned on or off, Stabilatrac system is awesome in the winter.

6 CD in-dash CD player, Monsoon, works pretty good, but they should have made it able to play MP3/WMA, or even an auxiliary for iPod, would have been a bonus.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2011

2006 Pontiac Grand Prix Base 3.8 from North America


Not reliable after 50,000 miles


Gear shifter would not line up with the gears or stay in park (this was as soon I bought the car; fixed under GM warranty at 35,416 miles).

Rattle in dash at around 36,000 miles. Never could get that fixed properly.

Transmission and power steering hoses started leaking at 47,326 miles; 450 for both.

At 65,055 miles, the car was overheating, and there was a noise coming from the right front; bad water pump, pulley and belt. $478.00.

Car was also making a noise when you turn corners. The dealer stated this is due to the steering intermediate shaft; it is common on these cars, and GM has a new updated part for $294.81 (if this is a common issue, GM should fix this for minimal or no charge).

At 67,768, the transmission was shifting rough and the heater would only blow cold. The transmission was due to a internal part referred to as a pressure solenoid; $1300 for that, and the heater not working was due to a torn air duct. The heater core also had to be back flushed. Coolant was flushed only 3,000 miles prior. $174.00. Dealer stated it's common with this car, and they would be putting updated parts in. Again, GM should have stood behind this problem, rather than have the customer pay for things that were GM's responsibility.

The stock radio started to go out before I traded it in. That was 100 miles after the transmission work.

The car was always kept up very well. Everyone actually thinks I'm too picky with my cars.

General Comments:

I loved the car, but can't keep pouring money into it every couple thousand miles. It handles well, and is very comfortable and attractive. Lots of power for a base model. The sound system is great in it, until it starts to die.

I've owned GM cars all my life, and thought it was buying them all older that was my problem. Well it was barely broken in when I bought it, and just started to fall apart, no matter how well I kept it up.

I have also had Fords, newer and older, and not nearly these problems. Ford isn't perfect, but at least when it needs a repair, it's just that, a repair, not twenty other things constantly.

I contacted GM headquarters. They stated that because I'm not the original owner, and because of the miles on the car, they wouldn't do anything. Miles on the car??? I didn't know it was normal for any car to start having that many problems, all under 70,000 miles, in this day and age.

I traded it in on a 2008 Ford Mustang. The only car companies I believe in are Ford and Honda. Fords have never given me those problems. I have an Excursion that's 10 years old with no repairs except for the A/C, and as for Honda, I see better luck with those than Toyota.

I know one thing; no GM cars ever again. I don't have money to replace a car every 50,000 miles.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2011

25th Mar 2011, 08:24

Welcome to the modern age of GM. I have had just about as many problems with all of my GM vehicles and will never go back to them now. It is a wonder they still are surviving... Oh yeah, I forgot about the bailout!

19th Nov 2014, 22:10

Did you also oppose Reagan's bailout of Chrysler?