3rd May 2008, 15:27

I am not at all putting down your car. I like these. But, you cannot keep up with a properly driven Viper (0-60 in 3.7s) that is really trying to race you.

3rd May 2008, 21:27

Thanks for an exciting review. I LOVE the model Grand Prix you have. It is the sportiest ever built. The Grand Prix is one of the most UNDER RATED cars on the planet. I doubt that many people are aware that Grand Prix has been chosen tops in its class by J.D. Powers over such cars as the Toyota Avalon. With the new (and totally AWESOME) G8, I think Pontiac can once again go back to their old motto of "We build Excitement". After the ugly and slow G6 replaced the sporty Grand Am I was afraid the motto was becoming "We build BORING". I'm glad I was proven wrong.

21st Jan 2009, 21:42

Your car is quick. But a decent 5.0 with someone that knows how to drive it, yeah I don't think so. And a Viper SRT-10, come on, are you serious?

7th Feb 2009, 22:31

I love the Grand Prix! I own a 2001 Prix with the 3.8 and its fast. What do you mean by minor upgrades? A cold air intake will up the horse power by about 20 and an exhaust will add about another 20. A computer chip will add 10 to 50 depending on the brand and level of tuning. If you add all that up that is 330 horse power with minor upgrades. I wish mine had a blower but it will still do a low 7 no problem.

11th Mar 2010, 14:53

I have a sister who loves Pontiacs, and thinks they are the best thing ever.

She had a 90 Sunbird GT Turbo that could keep up with a vette... Yeah, maybe in her dreams!

Same deal here... keep up with a Viper... never happen :)

13th Mar 2010, 05:46

If it was an early Pontiac, and I once saw a Grand Prix with a 4 speed back in 1970. I was in my sons Viper Rt/10, and a late model GTO did somewhat stay with us briefly, but I'd rather forego the speeds involved. I guess it depends to what extent you spend under the hood, as a lot of things are possible.

9th Nov 2010, 16:27

Yeah man, I agree the '03 Prix is the first car I ever drove, and yes it is quick, but the Viper would beat it in reverse... While you were "keeping up", did you happen to notice the status of his brake lights?