22nd Oct 2015, 13:26

Well, actually there was; GM just continued using the previous letter designations:


22nd Oct 2015, 13:58

The Buick Lucerne was most certainly built on the G-body. It's a more reliable Cadillac DTS (Deville Touring Sedan) with its 3800 Series III V6 and 4T-65E transmission. I have the 2008 Lucerne CXL. With a heated steering wheel, seats, remote starter, parking sensors, and air suspension - it's one heck of a car! I picked mine up in April with 41K miles in Dark Crimson Metallic for $4,000. What a value.

The Lucerne is a G-body: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GM_G_platform_(1995)

The Lucerne is a re-bodied Cadillac DTS built in the same factory, on the same platform: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadillac_DTS

22nd Oct 2015, 16:51

A G-body Lucerne was made from '79-'83 in very limited quantities.

23rd Oct 2015, 02:49

The best g-bodies were the body on frame mid sizes in the mentioned years from the comment above.

23rd Oct 2015, 16:01

The Buick Lucerne was an "H" platform, and the Grand Prix on topic is a "W" platform.

24th Oct 2015, 14:35

"very limited quantities"?

Like, maybe, none? Got any proof that Buick built the Lucerne before 2006?

24th Oct 2015, 18:31

Even though I know for a fact that the Lucerne made its debut in late 2005, I decided to look up a '79-'83 Lucerne. I'm not surprised at all that I couldn't find any info whatsoever. The only G-body Buicks from those years were the Regal coupe, sedan and wagon, along with the Century wagon, sedan and coupe in notchback or slantback form.

26th Oct 2015, 18:27

You can use the search function to search for '79-'83 Lucernes on Autotrader. Very limited production runs mean info can be hard to find, not that the vehicles don't exist because info isn't on the typical 3-4 websites you'd check. For instance, a Ferrari Enzo has very limited info available because it had a very small production run for 1 year.

26th Oct 2015, 21:26

First off the Autotrader search only goes as far as 1981.

Second, Autotrader will let you search for anything. Type in 2015 Vega for example and it will search for it.

Third, I will believe that a '79-'83 Lucerne exists when I actually see one.

26th Oct 2015, 22:43

I did a search on Google for a 1979 Buick Lucerne, and surprise surprise, absolutely nothing. The Lucerne name was not used by Buick until 2006. If GM was smart, they would have continued the LeSabre and Park Avenue and properly updated them with traditional cues. Those models were SO much better than the sedan that replaced them. No wonder to me it only lasted for one body cycle.

27th Oct 2015, 21:31

I agree about the Lucerne not being all that good of a replacement for the traditional PA and LeSabre.

However, I would take a Lucerne over Buick's current flagship offering. That Lacrosse is flat out hideous looking.

28th Oct 2015, 16:46

There's a 2015 Vega? Where are you getting that information from?

29th Oct 2015, 01:02

Yeah, there was a 2015 Vega on cardomain.com. Along with a 2005 Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck.

So that "proves" they exist!

29th Oct 2015, 04:29

If you misread the post, the point being made is that Autotrader will let you search for any model with any year to go with it.

If you are being plain sarcastic, well I guess I got my info from the same source that claims that '79-'83 Lucernes were on Buick lots.

29th Oct 2015, 13:54

The S-10 pick-up went out in 2004.

29th Oct 2015, 18:22

I found a 2015 concept Vega with a quick Internet search. It obviously hasn't moved from concept to production yet, but the comment was not as far-fetched as people seem to think.


30th Oct 2015, 04:42

Looks like a computerized image if you ask me.

30th Oct 2015, 18:49

You're thinking of the Blazer. The truck was made through 2006.

30th Oct 2015, 23:14

No, it wasn't, but rather than argue it here ad infinitum, go look at the comments on the 2003 S-10 review on this site (the one titled "I am sorely disappointed..."). It is obvious that those who insisted that the S-10 PICKUP was built after 2004 could not provide any proof to support their claim, but refused to believe the fact that it wasn't. This went on for 83 comments until the moderator, finally tired of reading the discussion, closed the thread.

31st Oct 2015, 18:21

Good luck with that. If that thread was never disabled, the argument would probably still be going on, even though the fact is 2004 was the last pick-up year. Just like the fact that there is no such thing as a 79-83 Buick Lucerne.

3rd Nov 2015, 16:20

2005 S-10 Blazers, 45 in my area for sale right now. You may want to do some research before saying something doesn't exist.

3rd Nov 2015, 21:14

Not referring to the BLAZER SUV (which no longer used the "S-10" prefix after 2000 anyway), rather the S-10 PICKUP for which you won't find any listed newer than 2004. And even finding one advertised for sale does not prove it exists. I could advertise that 2015 Vega for sale -- does that prove it exists?

This is why the comments on the other review went on for so long. People not knowing what they were talking about!

4th Nov 2015, 00:16

For the last time, the S-10 PICK UP!! (not Blazer) were discontinued in 2004. Sorry but you are the one who needs to catch up on your research. Or is this a game were things get twisted around like the 2003 S-10 thread listed in the comment above. I'm sure there are plenty of 2005 Blazers for sale. Show me a 2005 S-10 PICK-UP for sale. Not gonna happen! And by the way the "S-10" prefix for the Blazer was dropped in 1995 for a more simple identification.

4th Nov 2015, 08:17

The comments on that S-10 review were blocked because they weren't going anywhere productive. I'd appreciate it if people didn't reignite the whole discussion here, as all it will do is recreate the same arguments, for no good purpose.

Steven Jackson (site moderator)


p.s. If I come to the conclusion that anyone is trying to troll others by deliberately perpetuating this minor controversy on this or other reviews, I'll take a very dim of such actions.