26th Feb 2003, 14:43

I also own a grand prix, ('94 GTP) and I have the same trouble with idle problems when cold starting. Please let me know what you had replaced to fix this problem. I also recently went to an auto parts store and they told me that my car calls for the platinum series spark plugs, and they cost $6 something a piece, what have you put in for spark plugs, and was it this high priced? I Must mention I love the looks and performance of my car.

22nd Mar 2003, 17:09

I own a 94 Grand Prix Gtp, I just had to get the intake manifold gasket replaced as well as the O2 sensor. I was having problems in the morning starting it, it would rev really high (4 rpms) and then stall. Now that it is fixed and it runs really good.

27th May 2003, 20:20

I also own a 94 Pontiac Grand Prix. My car had about 55,000 miles on it when I bought in '97. Now at 156,000 when I go to start the car it also takes a few turns of the key before the starter kicks in. I was told that it might be the ignition switch. Also when I'm driving, it suddenly loses power almost like it's running out of fuel. I love this car, but it's getting expensive to fix. I actually burned a 5.0 at a light once.

23rd Jun 2003, 16:56

I have a 94 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, 202000kms. I never had a problem wit it, except wit the common cause of the gaskets... I recently replaced the battery, and now my battery light is on.. does anyone know? is the alternator ready to go? the last owner had a 850amp battery, but I put in the one that is suppose to be in there.. I have no clue anymore... any help would be appreciated.. windsordude19 at hotmail dot com.

28th Sep 2004, 00:10

I have just purchased a 94 GTP. I have noticed that it has the same problem starting. On cold starts (i.e. morning starts) it revs high then drops under 1k rpm, then kills. Also, when you start driving after a cold start it idles at almost 2k rpm or about 25mph. After she warms up she drives great. I tried putting in fuel injector cleaner with synthetic formula, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I was also told that if I turned the ignition to ON and waited for a few seconds to let the injectors push fuel to the engine that it might help. I tried that and it seems to be better it only revs up to 2500 rpm instead of 3500rpm. I love my car. It only has 78k miles on it, but it gets annoying when it doesn't stay started. If you have any ideas on what might be wrong please let me know.


21st Oct 2004, 13:08

I own a '94 Grand Prix 2 door. I am having trouble finding replacement parts. I need a headlight assembly and the front bumper cover. I would really like to find these parts as I finally got rid of all the problems others have mentioned except the click when trying to start it. I would appreciate any help in finding these parts. Thank You!!

17th Nov 2004, 20:26

Hey, I also own a '94 GTP. Love the car, hate the problems with it.

31st Jan 2005, 06:47

Hello, I also own a 1994 Grand Prix. I have replaced a high pressure hose running from the power steering pump to the gear box, and now have the problem with the transmission. When I am at a stop, like a stop sign, and I accelerate out of it I am accelerating in a high gear, and the car takes off really slow. The car has the "second gear start" option, but I never use that. Since I have had this problem the "service engine soon" light stays on. If anyone has any information on the transmission please contact me at, luckymankane@yahoo.com.

14th Jul 2005, 15:23

I just bought a ‘94 Grand Prix GTP this past month. It had a new motor with 70,000 miles on it put in before I bought it. Now they are telling my that it also needs new plugs and plug wires. I also have the high RPM’s when starting my car however it doesn’t die when it comes back down. I however am having a different problem then the rest of you. My Grand Prix has the heads-up display and all that good stuff. Now my fuse that controls my heads-up display and instrument cluster keeps blowing out about every time I put a new one it is blown within a mile of travel. Does anyone know what is going on or how to fix it? PLEASE and help would be very appreciated!

21st Apr 2011, 20:27

To you guys with the start ups; I had this problem for 3 months. Went through a lot of parts, and I put a throttle position sensor in, even though no engine codes came up on it, and my problems were solved. GOOD LUCK.