15th Dec 2003, 13:36

Hey, I have the same chirping problem with my 97 grand prix, I went out and bought one of those costly after market blower motors, I know its on the firewall, but I was wondering if anyone knows the best way to get at it? thank you in advance; ken.

6th Apr 2004, 20:59

I own a 1998 supercharge Nascar Edition. with 90,000 miles on it. So far, it's been very reliable except for that annoying chirp or short rubbing sound coming from the front dash board. Also, had to replace a accessory belt tensioner. Other than these two simple problems the car is flawless! This is the first time I kept a car this long because of reliability.

I had a 2000 BMW 323i with less than 30,000 miles and kept it for only 3 months due to trimmings falling apart and needing to replace both lower control arms.

My GTP is the workhorse in our family and it drives and looks likes a SHOWROOM! No kidding.

8th Mar 2005, 02:37

I have a 1998 GTP with over 92,000 miles.

At 30,000 I had to have my rotors shaved, because they were warping in the front.

My front brake pads were replaced in 2000 at around 55,000 miles.

My water pump finally went out in March 2005 - 7 years!! Went to Schucks, and got the right part number B130-1780 "GMB" brand for $60 (includes gasket) for the water pump.

Replaced my 93" belt that goes over the alternator, etc with part #4060930 a Gatorback Brand. Get Gatorbacks, they last a lot longer, especially if you're planning on keeping your car for more than 7 years.

Other than that, I just replaced as a habit my fuel filter at 85,000 miles. Remember, our cars can take the 1995+ Chevy Blazer oil filters. Napa part #91036. They hold a lot more defective oil.

Remember if you belong to a Pontiac Club Grand Prix chapter, you will save yourself lots of money and heartache! www.clubgp.com

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Hope that helps!