14th Nov 2006, 10:09

OK, look guys, the water on the floor is a common problem, and there is a now well-known and EASY fix for it. There is a drain on the left side of the engine bay near the firewall. I'm not sure about the exact location, because this has never been a problem on my car, but I know that it's easier to access from under the car. That drain gets clogged, and the water goes into the wheel wells and soaks the carpet. Unclog it and you're good to go.

Go to www.clubgp.com and search the forums for "water on the floor" or something similar, and you'll find detailed instructions on how to clear it out. If you're dealership didn't know about this fix, then they are a bunch of idiots. Which doesn't surprise me, since you paid over 40K for your GP.

4th Feb 2007, 08:38

I just bought a 40th Grand Prix here in Canada with 52,000kms for $10,000 and l just love it. For the guy how wanted to know how many they built, the 4dr gtp is about 2200 of them.

I think it's a good collectors car very sharp looking.

12th Feb 2007, 17:56

I'm looking to get a 2002 40th grand prix. Yes it is a beautiful car and it is only $8995 for it. Just wanted to say though for $40K my family had bought a 2002 corvette, 2002 Linc LS, and a 2000 Saab 9.5...Think about it. You just plain out got suckered. I don't doubt the dealership knew the car (only your car) was POS. You should have sued the dealer for selling you a lemon you could of gotten your ford and and your stupid import.

17th Jun 2007, 23:10

I bought my 40th anniversary edition new. It has not been back to the shop for any repairs yet. LOVE IT!! One and only complaint is that the seats are a bit hard. I only have 35,000 miles on it as I am trying to keep the miles down. Think it should become collectible sooner than later. I've seen some 4 doors, but I can honestly say I have yet to see a 2 door on the road in all of this time. BTW, I paid nowhere near $40K for it. Anybody know how many two doors were made?

26th Jun 2007, 18:08

I just brought the 40th addition..2 door... dam this mug is hot!!! I paid 10,800 wit 64,000 miles... the bishes love it.

27th Jun 2007, 08:38

My family has a 40th anniversary GT Grand Prix 4-door and we have had so many problems with this car. We bought it in Oklahoma bout 30 miles where we live and we payed $15,988 for it with bout 70,000 miles on it. We bought it in 2005 I believe, about 2 years ago. The catalytic converter has given us problems, as well as the lifters, the electric windows, we have had oil leaks, and all this stuff is minor. And also, when we take it back to the dealer, they fix the window and put it together wrong so it rattles, but my dad won't fix it because he doesn't wanna void the warranty. We have had outward dents, and when the lifters make that noise and we take it to the dealer, they say that they can't hear anything... which is complete BS. The car isn't a lemon, I just think it needs a good tune-up is all. thanks guys


18th Nov 2007, 21:25

I have had a 2002 GTP for a few years, and have not had major issues. Quite the bashing without even knowing about Clubgp. Your resentments could have been eased by simply searching grand prix clubs... I did and fixed everything that has broken easily... including my sock soaking floor... ;)

24th Apr 2008, 20:48

I have a 2002 40th Anniversary Grand Prix GTP Sedan. I haven't had any major problems with it. It looks great, runs great and I look good in it. Matter of fact I own two Grand Prixs. I love these cars.

2nd May 2008, 23:15

How many 40th anniversary's were made?

8th Jul 2008, 20:55

Just recently purchased 40th anniversary GP and I am very satisfied. Very nice car and very unique! Not sure what you all expect?? If you're not happy with GM buy a FORD!! We couldn't have bought a better car in mint condition for the money!!

27th Sep 2008, 21:24

I have a 40th Anniversary Coupe GT (No super Charger). I bought this car Brand new on October 31, 2001. It now has 70k (almost) and I have had nothing but joy from this vehicle. It is a great car.

11th Mar 2010, 22:09

My wife and I love our 40th edition Grand Prix. It is one of the best cars we have owned. Never had anything major except for an injector going out. Paint chipping a little on the trunk. I ALWAYS keep her clean. I don't think we could ever let it go. People always tell us how nice our ride is. Good car Pontiac!!!

2nd Jul 2010, 17:15

Hi, I have a Grand Prix 2002 40th anniversary edition. The car runs great. Yes the seats are hard as rocks, but could be fixed. The car runs and looks great.

I have an overheating problem, but it can be fixed.

As for chipping on the paint; they all do that.

I won't trade the car for the world.

21st Sep 2010, 09:48

I'm from MA and I purchased a 40th edition 4 door GTP. The car runs great. I got it from my dad's buddy and he's a gear head so he took good care of it. Only super was put in it since brand new, I continue to put super in it, I just changed the battery becuase it was the original, LOL. I just changed the ignition lock cylinder too because the key wouldn't even turn at all. It runs great, it's fast stock, and it looks sharp. And whoever said the chicks like it, aren't joking. I think it is an awesome car. JS Boston 02135.

15th Dec 2010, 20:22

I just laid to rest my Grand Prix 2000 GTP, 455000 km, never burned oil, still was cruising at 130 KMH. The car was enjoyed daily for 10 years.

I have just replaced it with a 2002 GTP 40th AN model in mint condition.

Life is good.

7th Jan 2011, 11:50

I have owned over 20 vehicles in my lifetime, and my 40th anniversary GTP is by far the best car I have ever owned! Absolutely no problems with it since I bought it new for around $28k, with all options except engine heater. It is totally reliable, and has never left me stranded. I take good care of it, and it takes great care of me!

15th Jan 2011, 18:18

I just bought a 2002 GP GTP 40th anniversary, 2 door coupe supercharged a few days ago for $1800 cash, (talked the guy down from 5G). I am now the second owner... it's the nicest smoothest car I have ever owned, although it does have 262,000Km (all highway miles)... it still runs very strong and I had it inspected, and it doesn't have one single leak. I love this car... I can't wait to do performance upgrades to it.

FYI www.3800performance.com has all the performance accessories and packages you need... although I have not ordered from their site yet, which I just found today it, all seems to be a good deal with cheap shipping...

These cars if souped up can beat almost anything in the 1/4 mile; brand new 2010 Camaros and Mustang GTs don't stand a chance... even beats Vipers... there are some vids on youtube.com