25th Mar 2009, 19:26

Another item which works well for getting the key out of the ignition (re: STRAW TRICK) is a golf tee.

Obviously doesn't fix the core problem but it can hold off a trip to the mechanics if you lack the $400.

Still like my car, but appears I too have dealt with many of the issues others have; reoccurring brake issues, key in the ignition, etc...

Great site!


7th May 2009, 22:06

Hello all,

I have a 2001 Grand Prix GT, and I am having the key cylinder problem and the car won't shift out of park. The cylinder started about a month before the shift problem. I found a forum that told me there is a plunger in the column that sticks, when you put the car in park you can hear a click in the column; if it doesn't they said to spray penetrating fluid in the cylinder. It is still working good.

Then Tuesday morning I was leaving for work and the car wouldn't shift out of park. I had to use the Shift Lock Release the move the shifter.

In this forum there is 2 different possible fixes. Does anyone else have anymore feedback. Is it the Shift Solenoid or the Neutral Safety Switch???


01 GT.

31st May 2009, 20:43

I bought my 2000 GT back in December 2007 with some 87k miles. Since then I had to replace the starter motor, replaced the lock mechanism in the driver's door, (it was locking me inside).

I have the same stuck ignition key issue, but I always get around it by sticking my middle finger in the gap between the base of the steering column and the dashboard reaching so the button. I could not bother keeping a toothpick or anything like that to push it through the hole.

She can get quite thirsty in the city, maybe 18MPG or so, but in long highway trips she is a beauty! I would dare to say that the average is around 30MPG.

I have Firestone all season tires and I find it does really good in the winter. I have tried to make it fishtail at no avail, possibly because of the front wheel drive, the sporty suspension and the good tires.

I am dealing now with a slow oil leak as well as a slow AC leak that my mechanic has not been able to pinpoint.

In summary I am very happy with my Grand Prix. It is a great family sporty looking car, quite spacious inside. My wife complains that is quite rough on bumpy roads. I asked my mechanic if it had anything to do with worn shocks, but he told me it is a rough ride on bumpy roads because it is a sporty kind of sedan. Good enough for me.


12th Aug 2009, 19:13

Hello, I have a 2000 Grand Prix GT, loaded with everything except HUD.

I came to this site because my ignition switch is acting up IE, cannot removed key. Called my local dealer and was told it most likely is the steering column solenoid. I intend to try the fixes here as I'm buying a house in two days and don't need a $400 repair bill just now.

I have 98000 miles on it and don't intend to buy anything new for a couple of years yet. Mainly because I have children and need a four door car and right now, No-one of the big three have a good looking four door. And of course a Japanese car is out of the question, no foreign cars on American roads!!!

Love my car, and I'm sorry GM is shutting the brand down.


8th Sep 2009, 21:15

I have a 2001 GT and have two problems. The key will not come out of the ignition switch, and now lately it will not start when turning the key all the way to the start position. The car is completely dead. If I fiddle with the shift lever back and forth from park to neutral, it will finally start.

I can live with the key not coming out. I just use a golf tee in the steering column release. I can't live with the car not starting sometimes. The last time it took 15 minutes to start with the above method.

I took the shift lever mechanism all apart looking for loose wires, bad connections etc. and found nothing abnormal. I unplugged the wire connector going into the shiftlock actuator and tried starting it. It started like it should in park and neutral without any power to the shiftlock actuator. This tells me that my inconsistent not starting problem lies in the park/neutral position switch, located on the left side of the engine compartment on the transaxle. To find it, just have someone sit in the car and shift it from park to first a couple of times, and you will see the switch moving back and forth on the transaxle in the engine compartment. I believe this switch is the problem. I think after many years of moving the gear shift back and forth to get the keys out, I wore out this switch.

Maybe this link to this diagram of the wiring circuit will help explain how all this works.


Please respond if you think differently!


29th Mar 2010, 20:29

I had the same "key stuck in the ignition" problem with my 2002 Grand Prix GT. I completely removed the center console to get to the shifter. There, I found a very small wire broken on the harness that's attached to the switch that makes contact when you move the shifter to Park. I fixed the broken wire with a little solder. Problem solved!

29th Feb 2012, 17:21

Thanks so much. The fuse fixed the problem.