10th Jul 2005, 18:31

This is a common problem with many cars. To easily fix the leak in the interior you must get the dirt out of the condenser tube under the car. Get under it and look for a rubber/plastic tube that points to the ground. Put a small screwdriver up the tube to clear the obstruction. Keep your face out of the way, water will come running out. Try to get it all out without damaging the tube.

It also sounds like you were hosed by the repair shop that did your gaskets. Was it a GM facility? If so, ask them for reimbursement or take them to court.

17th Nov 2006, 14:20

I have had numerous problems with my 98 grand prix, which I purchased new and have maintained regularly. So far we have replaced two window regulators and motors, two window switches, blower motor, trim on doors, ignition switch, head gasket, and now motor, numerous leaking into front passenger floor board. This plus normal wear and tear stuff such as of course brakes (I can't remember how many times), drive belt, alternator, water pump, thermostat, ignition coil, mass air flow sensor, and that is just what I acnthink of off the top of my head. Several problems while it was still under warranty (leaking was one of them and it was "fixed" five times by GM before it was actually fixed. Something with the transmission when it had 10,000 miles, headlights "lens" was so loose one fell off, battery had to be replaced when it had less than 8000 miles due to leaking battery acid. I could probably think of more!

17th Apr 2009, 23:42

"Bubbles have been appearing under the paint." I really wish GM would fix this. Let me guess, it's under the gas nozzle door. Check your rear strut towers too.

A/C leaking is probably a missing rubber grommet or it's plugged.

You may be able to get rid of a chirping blower motor by cleaning the motor out and spraying some lubricant afterwards.

Which gaskets? Are you using AC Delco gaskets? Sounds like the shop doing the work might not be so good.

As for the brake rotors getting warped -- make sure you are buying quality rotors, don't use ceramic pads, and lighten up on the braking.