1st Mar 2007, 11:17

I have a 1999 Grand Prix 3800 GTP with 90K miles. Transmission shifts hard sometimes and sometimes it is fine. If it is shifting hard, I can turn it off and back on and it is fine again. Also there is a shuttering / vibration which is a little more significant at lower speeds. I have read all the questions and comments on here, but not many solutions. I want to attempt the Pressure Control Solenoid replacement, but am discouraged by the fact that it may not be the problem... and if it is the problem than there may be more issues just down the road. I have no answers either so I am just adding salt to the wounds.


9th Apr 2007, 16:29

This story has been told 1000 times. My 2000 Grand Prix shifts hard (slams into gear) now and then. Turning off the car does help, but the problem returns now and then. I am most shocked at the fact that my local dealer seems " surprised " that this is happening. I have been on 4 sites and the story is the same. If G. M is aware of the problem then they should step up to resolve it. A company like G. M relies on repeat business and in this day and age, ignoring the problem and allowing their representatives (local dealerships) to pretend like this is a surprise will come back to bite them. Most people say they love the car as I do, but will never purchase a G. M again. I can't ignore poor business practices. I work too hard for my $.

13th Apr 2007, 12:11

I have a 2000 Grand Prix GT - bought it new and babied it like crazy - only supreme gasoline and synthetic motor oil. I have 102,000 kms on it and just came off of an extended warranty. I recently started noticing that the car was not going into the 4th gear - took it to the dealer and was told that a P1811 code came up once. On getting a second opinion, no code came up and I got a quote to replace the entire transmission for $1500-$2000. Love the car, but this is definitely the last Pontiac I buy.

19th May 2007, 08:06

I have a 2000 gp gt 3800. It has about 116,000 miles. It does not shift hard, but it has lost overdrive. So at about 70 mph it just whines out. The tach will just keep going and the car will not shift gears. Any guess? Maybe that kick down cable?

26th May 2007, 10:19

I replaced my trans twice, my shifter twice, last Pontiac I'll buy, piece of crap.

8th Jun 2007, 14:20

I have a 2000 gp gt 3800. It has about 106,000 miles. It shifts hard every now and then, and it has also lost overdrive. So at about 70 mph it just whines out. The tach will just keep going and the car will not shift gears. Any guess what the problem maybe. I would really appreciate the help. My email address is (JasonLJordan@yahoo.com)

21st Jun 2007, 12:41

I have a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix with 126000 miles on it and the automatic transmission. Sometimes the car will shift harshly into gear (as I've seen happens with several others) and sometimes it doesn't. I can turn the car off and when I turn it back on, it could be better. This has been happening for quite a while. When it is shifting hard like this, the car does not run well. Pick-up is very weak and the engine temp seems to run hot. What can I do that won't cost thousands of $$?

21st Jun 2007, 15:50

To the comment below, if your grand prix has the V6 engine you most likely have a lower intake manifold leaking which is why your temp gauge is higher than normal. all GM 3.3, 3.4 engines are notorious for intake coolant leaks.

12th Aug 2007, 08:07

1999 GrandPprix... problem seems to be in the gear shift!!! It doesn't not want to go into park and reverse is touchy as well... the keys obviously won't release because the gear shift won't engage into park often!!! Is this a "linkage problem"... how do I fix it? There are no problems shifting once it is going... doesn't shift hard... shift odd... run poorly; it all seems to be coming from the inside... gearshift! email answers to peoplerstranj@aol.com PLEASEEEE.

23rd Aug 2007, 15:11

Well I'm having problems with my 1997 SE, it seems to studder on acceleration. I changed a bunch of parts like purge valve, purge pump, MAF sensor, fuel filter, wires, spark plugs, PCV, and my car sometimes cut out on excl. Also codes keep popping up, Po 411, Po102. 411 is emissions, 102 is for MAF sensor, however the parts to emissions seemed to cure the code problem, but still have the code 102. I bought the car from the country with 360,000 kilometers on it. I love my ride. Please help me find the cure. Love Canada.

30th Aug 2007, 16:48

We have a 2000 Grand Prix GT with about 165000 km on it. It seems we are having all of the same trany problems as everyone else, gotta hate PONTIACS, which is why I have an Acura. Anyways, yesterday we noticed a significant amount of trany fluid on our driveway. We want to cut our loses and trade this piece of CRAP in, but it has to be drivable first. Does anyone know if we can still have that solenoid fixed after the major leakage?

31st Aug 2007, 16:53

I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix. I have owned the car for two years and have had no problems.. until the other day. I would push the gas peddle and it didn't seem to want to accelerate. And then I noticed my engine light on. And then when I would get up to about 80km/hr it would start sputtering and the temp gauge started to rise. Now that my car has been turned off the engine light is off, but it isn't running great at all! Any ideas? I love my car, but everyone warned me about buying a Pontiac!

5th Sep 2007, 20:50

Hey, I have just bought a 2000 GTP about 2 months ago, and I now just used up the 3000 mile warranty on it... which is not good, because the other day my service engine soon light came on. So I took my car to Autozone, and they said my torque converter is stuck off... I have no idea what that means... Does anyone know if this is easy to fix and cheap? And what does it mean to have the torque converter to be stuck off?

Thanks, Ryan.

3rd Oct 2007, 15:15

I have a 2000 grand prix gtp that I have owned for almost two years now. I should of known better when I seen records of maintenance from previous owner. The supercharger was replaced along with all the coils, brakes replaced three times and just proper maintenance. It had 107000 on it I personally have put 30000 on it. NOW its starting making really bad noise from drivers front. I jacked it up and put it on jack stands and put in drive and it still makes bad grinding noise thus eliminating my suspicions of bad tires. Took it to a transmission shop and they said it was transmission. Not what I wanted to hear!