24th Feb 2011, 18:04

I have the 2000 Grand Prix GT, Currently debating whether to fix the tranny. I have a million different problems prior to the tranny going, but I never fixed any. Any suggestions?

3rd Mar 2011, 18:29

I'm not sure if you just have bad luck. But I am in a GP Club, and no one has had major issues. I have a 2000 GP GT 4 door, and the only thing big I have had to do is replace the struts and stabilizers. But my car has 230,000 kms on it.

13th Apr 2011, 09:48

I've had my 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3800 for about 7 years now. I bought it with 5k miles on it, now it has about 194k on it.

It runs like it has 80k on it. Great car. But like any car you have to keep up on it for it to last.

I have a question concerning engine swapping. Could I swap a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT motor in my 2002? I'm considering buying a new engine for it since it's mechanically flawless and the body is in great condition.

Any comments would be much appreciated.



17th Apr 2011, 12:24

Sounds like you need a new ignition switch. If your A/C only blows on 5 then that's it. Had same problem.

5th Nov 2011, 21:33

To the comment about the "fifth gear"; it does not exist. It is called a lock up torque converter. After it shifts into 4th gear and things are running good, ie. not still into the gas or going up a hill... the torque converter will lock, and this locks the trans to the engine (think of it like a standard, if you're not pushing the clutch, the trans is locked to the engine). When the converter locks, the RPMs will drop 200 to 500 RPM, depending on the "stall speed" of the converter, then when you come to a hill or give it gas to pass, the converter unlocks. You are still in fourth gear, unless you need a lower gear and the computer will determine that it will shift into 3rd or 2nd, depending on your speed. If you pay attention, it will also lock the converter in 3rd gear as well.

5th Nov 2011, 21:39

To all the people with shifting problems... try getting a transmission flush done every 40,000-60,000 km (25,000-40,000 miles), not just a "pan drop". My car has 260,000 (162,000 miles) on the original trans (and it has lead a hard life with my driving) with no problems whatsoever. The leading cause of shifting/blowing up problems is bad fluid. A little maintenance will go a LONG way.

4th Oct 2012, 16:21

I have a 2000 Grand Prix GTP, 4-door with 153,000 miles on it.

There has been very little repair work done on it that was not my fault from the hard driving I have done to it - drag races and hitting objects in the road.


For people having transmission problems or want to avoid them, have the fluid flushed every 30K miles. This is NOT dropping the plug on the bottom of the pan, which will only release about 4 quarts, but where they hook the transmission cooling hoses up to a power flushing machine that will flush out all 12 quarts. The cost is directly related to oil prices, about $120 in 2012. If you deviate, don't blame anything but yourself. I have put my transmission through a lot: have put it in drive and hit the gas too soon before the gears engage - makes a bad sound for a second. I once was screwing around and accidentally put the transmission in reverse while going 45 MPH. The engine died. Put it in neutral and restarted the engine while rolling; no problems, no repairs.

A a rare occasion, I have felt the rough shifts at low speed with the power steering pump whining. After turning the car off for a while, it is gone by the time I come back. Taking the cap off the power steering pump with the engine off to relieve the pressure, and then replacing may also help this problem - not sure because I am taking the cap off to check the fluid level when I hear that sound.

Keep the supercharger oil filled. Use only GM supercharger oil.

Window motors will wear out, eventually. The more you use them, the more frequent. I use the hell out of them, and I'm not surprised to have two of them fail, along with the sun roof.

The head gasket will eventually start to seep motor oil. Just let it be. I spent a lot of money changing it when the car was 6 years old. It started leaking 18 months later. So what - it's not enough to spend that kind of money. Just wash the oil off every few months.

Rack and pinon is leaking on the passenger side. Was it because I put subbed in Dextron III fluid for power steering fluid for about 15K miles and it ate a seal, or was it that curb I hit during a drag race? I just top the fluid off, plus add a leak inhibitor about every 3 months. It leaks about 3 ounces in this time span.

Had to replace a mass air flow sensor. I think the K&N after market air filter released oil onto it, causing the failure.

Had to change an O2 sensor once. So what - have done a lot more repairs to my wife's so called bullet proof Toyota Celica. Let that be lesson to you American car haters. The GTP is a tire smoking machine - the bulb that burns twice as bright will need more care and repair. It's not the Honda that only has four angry squirrels on a treadmill for an engine, it's not that super life 25-watt light bulb.


Had to change the front rotors, they were warped. Could it have been that power braking, or those sudden stops from going 100 MPH at the 1/4 mile drag race track. This car can go 126 MPH, 140-ish w/o the programmed.


Never change them unless there is something wrong. You will know when something is wrong, it will be obvious. The car will squeak on every little bump or may sit low on one side. The trunk has had a 50 lbs speaker box in there for 12 years! No problems.


Still blowing cold air after 12 Texas summers!

Wheel Hubs:

I have gone through about 3 or 4.

I hit an alternator that was laying out in the road. That was probably the cause of one. Not sure about the others - maybe it is the concrete staircase I drive down every day. The clay soil shifts in my area. Roads can become dis-aligned plates of concrete pads. I have had two NAPA hubs that were bad out of the box.

The heads up display:

Love it, but it sometimes goes dim.

Fuel Filter:

Change that filter every 20K miles, or don't complain about the failed fuel pump.


I have after an after market Pioneer what works with the steering wheel buttons. Don't complain about your Delco stock radio head.

Perhaps we'll see the 200,000 mile mark holding the checked flag. This is a performance machine. The SE trim line is not the same car - who would ever buy that??? If you want a bullet proof but boring car, get a Civic, or some squirrel car like that. You cannot have an exciting, tire smoking and bullet proof, trouble free car.

25th Feb 2014, 09:16

2000 Pontiac Grand Prix SE automatic transmission. Have to shift manually as the transmission refuses to shift automatically. I feel it's a sensor, but not knowing which one, can anyone help?

7th Mar 2014, 05:47

I have a 2000 Grand Prix GT. What type of motor oil do I need on 100 thousand miles?

9th Sep 2014, 18:34

Have a 2000 GTP Daytona I bought new, now with 190,000 miles. Best auto I have ever owned. No engine issues at all, but it's 100% Mobil One in the crank case all the time!

20th Mar 2015, 00:37

It's probably your key is worn out; it happened to me.

15th Jul 2015, 14:54

There's a solenoid under the steering column that can be removed, to remove keys.

11th Feb 2016, 17:19

If you have a 3.8 V6, this is almost always the plastic elbow on the passenger side coming out of the intake manifold. They are made of plastic and deteriorate.