2nd Apr 2005, 11:39

I agree. I have a 1998 gtp and wow very nice? 115000 on it now still runs like the wind.

6th Feb 2006, 22:44

I own a 1998 SE with 162,000 miles and it still runs like the day I bought it with 59,000 miles. I service it myself regularly, and very seldom do I have to make major repairs... none of which have cost more than $200. Only major problem is the windshield leaks, it may be from the firewall. I know it is not the condenser because it only happens in the rain. I've resealed the windshield with silicone and it still leaks. Other than this, I'd buy another one any day!!! GREAT car for the American dollar.

16th Mar 2006, 16:40

Just wanted to let anyone who is curious know that the leak that is brought up so often is GP's is from around the fresh air intake for the air conditioner. That problem should be a free fix because it is from faulty seal installation. It is not. I really enjoy my GP and with 96K I have to replace the ball joint and tie rod. $80 in parts, 1200 in labor. No the dealer is not where I took it, you GM haters.

2nd Sep 2006, 06:32

I own a 98 Gp/SE with 143K on the clock that I drive every day (approx 325 miles per week). Other than routine maintenance, tires (Bridgestone HP 50s - great all around tire), aftermarket rims, front struts and a K&N filter, I can honestly say I'm very pleased. I've used Mobile-1 since 34K and change the tranny fluid & filter every 18 months. Maybe a bit excessive, but I do rely on her heavily. I'm getting ready to do struts, mounts, and springs (Eibach's) on all four corners, and I know it'll be costly, but I'm not in the mood for car payments. And suspension refresh is to be expected at 143K. Anyway, I've owned cars and motor cycles from Japan, England and the US and one thing is universal - you've got to take care of them. Routine mx is critical if you expect trouble free motoring. Be safe and enjoy the rest of summer (I'm from PA).