3rd Oct 2002, 20:50

I have a 1997 Grand Prix 2-door GT and it is a beautiful car with 94K miles on it and am experiencing the same problems. I've replaced the alternator and battery at 64,000 miles, my passenger-side lens cover fell off recently and I'm saving 175.00 to replace the entire assembly! My driver's side headlight cover has held water condensation since I purchased it in 2000 and will probably be the next thing to fall off? My digital panel on the dash looks written in "Greek" sometimes, but eventually fixes itself - the CD player shows an Error 20 UNTIL I take it to be looked at, then it suddenly plays without any evidence of problems? I have had a transmission pan leak since 75,000 miles and have just been told that it is ready for repair - and last, but not least, my front left tie rod arm broke at 65,000 miles while driving down the road. BUT, I love the design of the car! Especially the heads-up display and the spoiler. Just wish the financial investment that I made had been worth it. I still owe on it and I'm not sure that it'll hold up until it's paid for. Good Luck to all who have the same problems going on. GrandPrix Design-Lover in Tennessee.

9th Jan 2003, 19:58

I am looking at a 1998 Grand Prix GTP with 75000 miles. Any chance that GM has addressed the problems I have been reading below?

16th Apr 2003, 13:08

I just finished spending 160.00 on replacing the headlamp assembly because the lens fell off. The next day, the lens on th other side falls off! What type of crap is GM selling? Now I have to pay another 160.00 to have the dealer take advantage of me to replace it!! Now I truly see why many consumers are buying foreign vehicles. American made cars have not kept up with the quality of Japanese and German made cars... I hate to say that, but it is true!


30th Apr 2003, 14:58

I also have a 97 GTP. All the problems plus the supercharger is whining, the gear shift locks and the key locks, both need to be released in order to move. It never ends.

27th Aug 2003, 15:19

Agree with some. Beautiful care and an awesome design. I hate the fact that so many cars with the Headlight lens defect, and we still have to be responsible for it. I believe this is a 'car/manufacturing defect' and we, the consumer, should not be paying for these parts over and over. I GM doing any investigation? Or, are we stuck?


San Antonio.

18th Jul 2005, 20:06

Well just wanted to add that my 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT has also suffered lost headlight lens, alternator twice, panel light out, bad tie rod, leaky trunk (paid $80 to seal and it still retains moisture), CD Player display light has never worked after 18,000 miles, A/C needed replacing after 78,000 miles ($430 repair). The car runs good and has some good speed and it has only broken down on the road once. The body design is good so all in all I'd give my car experience a 5 or 6 on a scale of 1-10.

29th Aug 2005, 17:27

Same issues with Pont GP, headlight covers fell off, radio display in Greek at times, and I just came in from trying to figure out how to get my alternator out for the 3rd time since 2001. Ughh!!

10th Sep 2005, 08:22

Pontiac Grand Prix 1997. As I write this, the car is 8 years old and has 65,000 miles. Lost my first headlight lens last week. Have also replaced the alternator, fuel pump, and water pump. I would say that the car also goes through tires very quickly. I'm disappointed to see that I can expect the headlight problem to continue based on the comments of others. It is obvious that the headlight design is flawed and GM should stand behind their product.

28th Oct 2005, 06:49

Own a 1997 SE with 120,000 miles. One alternator, various leaks, one (looks like I'm lucky) headlight cover (called a junk yard, they said they get the "pod" new from dealer for $75, so called dealer, sold me one for $70). Transmission slips on long grades and skips under a load. Stereo display went out long ago. Great looking car and has only left us on the side of the road once (alternator). Wife bought a Jeep and I'm gonna be using it to commute 80 miles a day til it quits. Hope it's not too soon!

5th Nov 2005, 11:00

I have a 97' GP SE with exactly the same problems, but... be aware that the tensioner pulley/assembly can and/or will break. I'm currently searching for the part now. Check your pulleys regularly as I found myself with hardly any steering at 120kmh.

7th Nov 2005, 12:30

I own a 1997 GT and have had most of the same problems. The car has never broke down on us, but it is hard to drive at night because none of our dash or radio lights work. Overall I am happy with the car, we bought it used with 20,000 miles and have put 100,00 miles on it since 1998.

15th Nov 2005, 10:55

I own a 1998 GP GT, since Nov'97, 89k miles now. I like the looks, the size, the comfort and ergonomics of the interior. It looks like new in and out, although the paint on the plastic bumpers never matched the rest of the car. Has never left me stranded, but has had it's share of issues. Transmission slipped 1st week, wire rubbed against somthing, fixed by dealer, never a problem again. Headlamps got condensation, were replaced under warranty, never fell off, I'm surprised to see so many people with that problem. I've gone through 2 of each steering wheel radio control, 1 each under warranty, the others on my dime, $100 ea., now one currently does not work, the other does not light up, I'm living with it, too expensive to keep replacing. Dealer ripped steering wheel while replacing radio control, so that was replaced, airbag light has been an issue ever since, not sure if airbag will deploy if needed. Alternator at 60k, apparently typical of all GM's. Blower motor and resistor at 85k. Else just regular maintenance. Ride has always been very rough and clunky, except after steering rack/bearing recall replacement, but 1 year later it was back to being rough and clunky. Dealer sees no problem, $99 to look. I'm keeping the car long term, because it's worthless as a trade or to sell. I don't want to see GM go out of business, because that would be bad for the US, but I don't see myself buying another GM anytime soon.

17th Jun 2006, 02:41

Wow, A friend had a 97 GT, and 99 GTP and I've now got a 97 GTP, none have had the headlight lens issue.

(The '97s both have the headlight condensation issue though.)

Friends '97 GT had the alternator replaced twice, I think, and replaced the battery once, And replaced the water pump once. Also the driverside power window switch, and motor. Otherwise just normal maintenance, brakes, belts, etc.

I think it had ~160K when it was traded in, for:

His '99 GTP had a few major problems that got fixed.But, when the steering rack/pump went funky he got fed up and traded it in. It had pretty low miles on it.

So far my '97 GTP has needed a battery, and the driverside window switch just went out, gotta go pick one up. (~$85)

Otherwise just normal maintenance stuff.

So far ~104K miles on it.

I've noticed the transmission making strange shifts a couple times lately however, I'm starting to worry a bit. Grrr..