28th Jun 2006, 10:37

I own a 97' Grand Prix SE with 186,000 miles, so far I've replaced the rack & pinion, the transmission pan gasket, the mass air flow sensor, the water pump, and the battery.

Other than that, it's been a good car. I make sure to keep up with the maintenance, change all my fluids regularly, and always rotate the tires every other oil change. I'm acually looking to sell the car to get a newer Grand Prix GTP.

16th Nov 2006, 15:55

I've had lots of problems with my 98 SE. Passenger rocker panel rusted completely away, I fiber-glassed over it 2 years ago. Rear shocks push through the rubber mount, had new ones installed $500 but lasted only 2 weeks and happened again. Radio display went out. I took the radio apart and found a trace burnt out. I jumper-ed it and it's still working. Water was pouring in the over the blower fan when it rained and rusted it out. I have gotten as much as 1" of water in the passenger floor, and ruined the blower motor. Had to replace it $160 and add some sheet metal over the cabin intake area to deflect the water. Traction control and cruse control never worked right, keeps dropping out. Had coolant leak into the intake manifold. Fixed that myself and changed to regular antifreeze because the long life type coats the CAT when it goes through the engine and then it's no good. Also had the headlight covers fall off. I silicon-ed them back on, so far so good. All in all not a bad car, keeps me on my toes, lots of power, but definitely my last GM. Peter in TO

30th Mar 2007, 09:37

I bought my 97 gt in 2000 with 100000 miles on it it came with a full set of service records and had been rust proofed.

As with others the pass side headlight lens fell off (just glued it back on. Replaced the water pump and alternator myself "easy jobs". The stereo displays what looks like foreign languages, but fixes itself over time. Lost a shift solenoid at 180,000 miles so it doesn't shift into overdrive, but still gets 23 mpg. Lost the cruise control at the same time as the shift solenoid, don't know if their related.

With so many miles on the car I didn't really want to spend the $1800 on a new tranny. So I just keep driving it hoping it will die a quiet death some day so I can get a new car.

I now have 210,000 miles on this car and the body and interior still look like new people do not believe I have that many miles on it. I'm beginning to believe that the 3800 v-6 is truly indestructible. So now 30,000 miles later I'm thinking maybe I should put a new tranny in it.

Overall great car.

20th May 2007, 11:55

The following stuff has happened to my 98 GTP since I bought it in August of 2004:

-Fog light burned out

-Oil Pan Leak

-Power Window Switch Failure

-Shift Lock Release/Wiring Harness Failure

-Clock Display went out

-Disc Read Error

-And now transmission is slipping bad.

What did you all do when your tranny slipped?

14th Jul 2007, 17:21

I have a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix which I bought new in 1997. I only have 78000 miles and although its never left me stranded its had its share of typical GM problems.

1. Battery & Alternator replaced twice - 25K & 70K

2. Tension arm replaced at 40K

3. Water pump replaced at 60K

4. Valve cover leak - 30K & 65K

5. Manifold leak - 30K & current (still haven't fix it)

6. Headlight lens fell off - 40K

7. Rebuilt transmission, replaced all struts, replaced AC compressor - 78K just got this done. I really like this car, but I can't sell it b/c it pretty much worthless. The body, however ,is immaculate. Its practically showroom condition. Still have the ABS light on - who knows if that works - prefer not to find out, the radio display is out, the steering wheel radio controls work but don't light up... and the auto dimming rear view mirror melted onto the shifter. But the 3800 motor keeps on running - fluid constantly changed.

16th Jul 2007, 17:24

I just bought a 1997 Grand Prix SE. The interior looks great. It's going to be an excellent project car for me. I'm 20 years old and this is the kind of car I can start to get my hands dirty on. The lower intake manifold is going on it (3800 engine - leaking coolant) and the dealer is replacing it for me tomorrow night. It's got 134,000 on it and it looks like it will do a lot more. The body is in great shape (exception: rocker panels - which I will replace) and bumper (paint peeling). The car looks incredible and drives the same way. Paid $3,200. A little much, but in Massachusetts, finding a car that looks and drives this well for that money is nearly impossible.

24th Jul 2007, 08:29

Husband has a 97 GTP bought new. Car is now 10 years old, has 152K miles. Alternator went at 40K miles. One headlight lens has been replaced. Lots of moisture retention until he put silicone bead around the outside. Tired of replacing bulbs.

Beware if you live in a state that spreads salt in the winter - fuel pump resistor is ceramic and will essentially dissolve over time; car will start, but quit once you give it gas. It's a $20 part, right behind the wheel well.

The vehicle body is in fabulous condition. The interior has some issues - the steering wheel control lights burned out long ago, but the buttons still work so we didn't replace. We knew which button did what. The lights on the HVAC controls burned out - again, did not replace.

The stitching on the passenger seat (leather seats) has started to come undone (my fault - while pregnant I had a hard time getting in and out and pulled on the seat extensively).

And this morning - the transmission is not working. He has no forward gears...

20th Aug 2007, 23:22

Well.. I just bought my 98 GTP today.. and well the cruise control doesn't work... and the ABS light is on... any ideas on what that might be?

And I was wondering.. short of putting the thing on the rack and looking.. how can I tell if the steering rack/bearing has be replaced after a recall?

2nd Sep 2007, 11:44

The transmission went out in my 1997 grand prix and all it needed was changing trans. fluid and filter. lucky so far about 1000 miles later???


5th Apr 2008, 03:36

Went to the dealer this morning with my '97 G.T.P. for the supercharger/fire start recall, and the mechanic found that the lower intake is leaking along with the rear valve cover gasket, resulting in a puddle of coolant constantly trying to make it's way into my motor oil. They say the engine will "hydro lock" if the repair is not done, so I'll sit the car, as paying the dealer $1100 to fix it is not an option at this time. Does anyone out there know exactly what parts/mfr./kit, etc. it takes to cure this problem I'm experiencing at 141k? Please email me at phinnious@msn.com in case I can't find this page again, thanks!

17th Jul 2008, 16:23

I love the Grand Prix look, and I always have. So I bought my first car; a 98 Grand Prix SE in March 07. It ran great for about 6 months.

The heat went out this winter. I was told it was a problem with the coolant, I had it flushed and my heat worked perfectly for a week, then we replaced the thermostat. To this day it fades in and out.

The AC was working when I bought it, sometime this winter it stopped working as well.

My rocker panels are so rusty that it is actually cutting into my son and I when we get in.

My wipers stand straight up; I can't find the part in any auto parts store around me, and the junk yards are sold out.

My windshield cracked.

My front drivers spring (on the strut) cracks every time I turn the wheel.

My window switch is stuck only working DOWN not up, so if I roll it down it stays down.

Yhe light on my CD player just went out.

My back struts were snapped.

So my dream car now looks like junk :( Time for a new dream.

31st Jul 2008, 00:25

Just bought a 2002 GTP 40th Anniversary Edition. 90,000 miles Had a '95 GTP before. I love these 97-03 Grand Prix models.

I have a great resource at hand... http://www.clubgp.com

That is the website for a National Grand Prix Club, and many local clubs exist. Many members of those local clubs are very nice people, and may help with your efforts to keep your GP running.

In closing, my 2002 Grand Prix GTP is stellar. I don't look forward to any issues, but I know how to fix quite a few of them myself.