10th Jan 2001, 19:17

I also own a Grand Prix. It is the best car I ever owned! 80,000 miles and only 1 problem, the headlight was replaced due to condensation.

I also added many features like OnStar (very cool)Xeon headlamps, changed spoiler, painted brake calipers, window tint and window rain guards. I would definitely purchase another vehicle from Pontiac. The comfort is unbelievable too.

5th Feb 2001, 14:42

I own a 94 GTP. I'm very impressed with its handling ability although it hates frostheaves.

As for reliability I owned it for about 3 months when it blew its first engine. I don't know about the 3.4 litre DOHC, I'm going to replace it with the pushrod 3.8 with a supercharger. That is supposed to be more durable.

28th Mar 2001, 14:10

I love my new 94 GTP. I've been looking for this car for a year now and finally found the perfect one. With 100,000 the engine is still strong due to good great care of the car. Don't beat it up it won't beat up your pocket book. And yes I'm 19. Great car!

25th Sep 2001, 18:07

I own a 94 GrandPrix GTP with 243000 Kms. She's still in awesome shape. I never had problems with her but I would love to upgrade to a 3.8 Supercharged engine. If anyone has performed this already, please leave comment on how to. I'll be looking for the info daily on this site. Thanks. Sudbury, Ontatio (CANADA).

26th Feb 2002, 10:44

I have a 94 GTP, the car is great. The brakes are another story, the ABS seems to have a lot of problems. The propotional valve is out right now as I speak, other than that the car rides and drives great.

27th Sep 2002, 22:44

I own a 1993 Pontiac grand prix spical edition. It is my first car, but already I can tell it will be one of the best cars I ever own. It has a 3.4 liter dual twin cam V6 210HP. Its no Porche, but it beats my brothers 1993 t-bird with a 5.0 liter V8.

3rd May 2003, 13:44

I have been looking for my gtp for many years now and I have one it is awesome I love it. it has minor problems like the passanger door is a little loose and the cold start sensor is out, but it has a 130,264 miles on it and it is still very strong I would like to no if there is a supercharger or something available for the car.

4th Jun 2003, 07:46

I have a 1994 grand prix, and for the last 2 weeks its had this sound like the power steering, but the fluid is fine, and we don't know what it could be, it sounds like an airplane getting ready to take off, please help, cause I really love this car...Tammy.

17th Oct 2005, 14:34

I own a 1994 GTP Supercharged and from the factory it is supposed to rev high on starting then come down on RPMs just to let you all know.

10th Jul 2007, 20:25

I feel you pain with the 3.4. I am on my second engine. Problems read like a book compared to others with the same engine.

Stay away from this engine. Yes its boost lots of power, but you pay out the nose with repairs.