2006 Pontiac GTO 6.0 LS2 from North America


Very fast and fun, but still practical


Headlight socket melted itself at 58,000.

Rear seat stitching has separated a little before I got it.

Leather on the shifter has started to unstitch.

General Comments:

It's a little understated in its appearance, but I like that. The car is definitely a blast. Will trounce Mustangs and ricers without breaking a sweat. The exhaust notes can raise an eyebrow, especially with some minor modifications. Brakes are good. You will feel the weight of the car in the corners, but it has remarkable grip for a muscle car.

The interior is well done for a car of its price point. Layout is clean and simple. Seats are quite comfortable, both front and back. Front seats have a nice "GTO" stitched in. Rear seats are quite comfortable for full size adults, and have all the extras for kids and car seats. Getting in the rear can be a bit cramped, even with power-forward front seats; the doors just don't open far enough. The trunk is tall, but not deep at all. Visibility could be better.

Essentially the car is a Corvette with 2 + 2 seating. Gets around 17-18 MPG city, but an easy 25+ on the highway. Making it good as a small family car in the summer. If you live anywhere that has a real winter, you'll want another (or second) vehicle. The car is quite low to the ground, has loads of torque, and quite thin tires (especially with the optional 18s) to run on snow.

Overall, a definite fun car to have. Without sacrificing too much practicality. Definitely fast, but the massive torque can be a bit to learn to tame, especially with the manual.

The only problem I can voice, is that this is essentially an Australian import with some different badges. So anything related to the body can be an expensive repair.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2013

2006 Pontiac GTO from North America


Pure Muscle


Nothing serious yet.

General Comments:

I have the automatic with K&N cold intake and Corsa Sport exhaust.

I wish I could switch between both manual and auto with a push of the button. I got the auto because of my almost all stoplight and town driving, and now that I am in my 50's, I thought I did not want to shift any more, but cruise. But, if I was to do it again, I think I would get the manual (of course if it had the 6 speed auto with the manual shift that all the autos today have, that would have been the one).

It is a car that could be a drag type of car with a little work, or with a little suspension work, a road car.

I like the exterior looks. From the rear and front angles, it looks good and beefy to me, and I like the more subtle look type of car.

The interior is well done; the only thing I want to change is the steering wheel. The seat comfort is decent. The steering is good, but could use more of a ratio, because you have to turn the wheel more than you think or want to.

The brake pedal feel and stopping is good. The accelerator has a long travel to the floor, and you really have to step on it a couple/few inches to get the car to go; I would like a more sensitive pedal.

The visibility is limited some to the rear and rear-sides.

The overall cornering is pretty good, and better than I thought for a car this heavy.

Overall acceleration is smooth and even, but not mind blowing. It does have its moments when the car starts to go in that 3-5k RPM range, and it tends to like the higher speeds. It is easy to get to 100 or over.

Launching from a stop takes some practice not to spin the tires at first, and not bog the engine RPM. I have tried 4th only, 3rd only, 2nd only, and manual auto shifting. Still trying to find the best 0-60 way. Sometimes I get it, and sometimes I bog it at about 50.

I put on new Continental Extreme Contacts for ride comfort improvement, and that did help soften the ride and noise over the stock tires. Also the grip is much better, and I find it much harder to spin the tires or lose any traction, period.

Overall, the ride is too harsh in the front end over cracks, dips and bumps in the road. I would like it to absorb those better and smoother. The rear is no problem.

The car does feel heavier than it should, and I would like to lighten up the feel and change the front suspension to absorb better.

I have learned that to drive the car, you really have to be rough and bully it around to get the performance, I put it in 1st and step on it, and manually shift into second and step on it. I turn it aggressively, brake it aggressively, and otherwise it is easy to putt and drive normally.

For the 20K I spent on a mint 7k mile car with this motor, interior, style and performance, it was a steal. The car is pure muscle and sex appeal. At about 24K I will do some after market upgrades to take it up a a notch or two.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2012

12th Jul 2012, 11:22

From your description of how you drive it, it doesn't sound like it will be "mint" any longer.