1973 Pontiac LeMans 350 from North America


70's muscle car!


The transmission was rebuilt in 1988 and a shift conversion kit was added at this time.

I replaced the front bench seat with bucket seats out of a 1970 Pontiac Parisian in 1982.

The rear bumper was badly rusted and re-chromed in 1981.

General Comments:

My dad purchased this car in 1977 and two years later I bought it from him. It was my day-to-day car until 1989.

I continued to drive the car (summers only) until about 6 years ago. It is now parked in my garage, but I plan to put it back on the road next year, for its 30th birthday.

Modifications include custom dual exhaust, headers, four barrel carb, shift converter, B&M floor shifter and bucket seats.

This car reminds me of my reckless teenage years. Now that I'm somewhat older I look forward to reliving a milder version of those years with my family.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2002

26th Feb 2007, 11:01

My dad had a 73 Le Mans which he purchased relatively new. Unfortunately, he had so many problems with it that to this day, my image of it is tarnished. The car rusted badly, leaked all over the place, guzzled gas like it was going out of style, and quite frankly, was not so fast for a pre catalytic converter 350. This Le mans didn't even have a smooth ride. you felt every pebble on the road. It cost a tremendous amount of money for my dad to keep it running all those years, making us call it a "LeMon" instead. Plus, it was quite ugly!

21st Mar 2011, 14:33

I am surprised to hear that about the 1973 Pontiac LeMans. This may be true, but maybe your father just was unlucky and the Pontiac LeMans was not maintained properly, prior to your father buying it, which is why he had problems with it. Therefore, if it had been maintained properly, prior to his purchasing it, his experience of the car may have been better. I am sorry that your father had a poor experience with that car, but I have to disagree with you in terms of your comment on the 1973 Pontiac LeMans in terms of looks, I think the 1973 Pontiac LeMans is absolutely beautiful.