24th Nov 2008, 16:09

A friend has a 72 LeMans GT with a 400 CID engine, turbo 400 and the reflective side stripes. The paint is a goldish green, if I remember correctly. He's looking for information about the correct Rally II wheels that came with these cars. The original wheels were sold before he picked up his car and he's trying to determine which wheel code to look for. We think it is a 14x7 wheel, code KS.

Can anyone confirm by looking at their original wheels? He would be very appreciative of any information you can provide.

Thank you, Kurt.

18th Dec 2008, 10:38

On 1972 new car showing 9/27/71 I bought a new Lemans GT. sticker 3604 and I paid 3300 for it and later got a refund as the feds took off the fed excise tax on cars of about another 200 bucks. I only had the car a short time but have pictures, brochure, owners manuals, records etc it anyone needs to know anything. I was really into these cars and remember a lot. email if anyone needs info I might know onefunkar@aol.com.

8th Jun 2009, 15:48

I own a 1972 Pontiac Luxury LeMans. Goes with a 400cui 6.6L 4bll.

And for the people that want to know how many were made of it; I can tell you there were 8651 Pontiac LeMans Luxury made in 1972.


11th Nov 2009, 11:08

Hello, I have been a proud owner of a LeMans GT hard top since 1992. Exterior/interior is sundance orange, black stripes that reflect as gold, and black interior with bench seat. The drive train is a 350-two barrel, Muncie 3 speed, with 3.23 gear. 17 years of Michigan has finally taken its' toll so it's time for some new metal and paint. Thank you.

7th Dec 2009, 11:48

I have a '72 LeMans Sport 400 4 bbl. M-20 4 speed, factory Hurst shifter with the "Pontiac" shift knob on top, 12 bolt 3:55 posi rear, factory dual exhaust and am/FM radio. Oshawa built. Red on black buckets no console and a black vinyl roof. 1 of 16 with the "L-78, M-20" combo in Canada. Does anyone know total numbers for these? US and Canada?

28th Dec 2009, 14:48

I was looking around for an old car to restore. I am only in high school and taking some shop courses, so nothing too messed up. But anyhow I found a 1972 Pontiac Le Mans Luxury GTO coupe for sale. The car looks in pretty decent shape with only a bit of rust. He has all the original sales and receipts and stuff but he wants 5000 grand for it.. I don't know what I should do.. any ideas?

9th Mar 2010, 10:17

I just bought a 1970 Lemans sport from the States.

It spent 35 years in California, the next 5 in Illinois where the owner spent a lot of $ refinishing it. I am now its 3rd owner. The body is fantastic, although it had a minor accident in 1998 (owner paid $800 to fix it).

Unfortunately the person I bought the car from misrepresented the motor to me. He said it was a professionally rebuilt 400 cu inch. Turns out it is really a 455 cu with likely 400 cu inch heads. Looking forward to driving it for the first time in a month or so.

This is the same make and model I had almost 30 years ago.

11th May 2010, 10:58

The neat thing on these models were the insurance savings vs the GTO.

23rd Jul 2010, 00:47

I am the original owner of a 1972 Lemans 2-Dr hardtop, with the Endura front bumper. It is silver, 350 V8, 2 Bbl, black interior, auto trans, rally II wheels, and I ordered it from the factory in late 71... received it Dec 1971.

It was a daily driver for over 20 yrs. I had the engine rebuilt at 197,000 miles, and repainted silver in 2003. It had a black vinyl top, which I replaced several times, and had a little rust under it each time, so I had the top painted silver and left the vinyl stuff off. This is the only change... otherwise it is a numbers matching car.

It never has been wrecked or dented... I had undercover parking at work and always kept it garaged at home.

I had dual Flowmaster 50 mufflers installed, and it sounds great! I drive the car to car shows, and to a few places where I know it will be safe. I don't know how many 1972 Lemans were made with the Endura bumper, but it can't be very many. If you would like more info about the car... or maybe want to see pics, email me: chas_vk@yahoo.com If you put "72 Pontiac Lemans" in the subject line, I will know it's not spam, and will reply to all.

Thanks, Charles.

22nd Aug 2010, 15:45

A great source of information for these cars as well as many Pontiac's is PHS - Pontiac Historical Services. If you send in the VIN number and I believe $35 (it has been a while since I used them); they will send you a LOT of information on your Pontiac - including a copy of the build sheet if they have it. I found a lot of information on my 72 Pontiac Lemans GT, 400 4-bbl this way. If you want to contact me: danderson@bigdtechnology.com

25th Oct 2010, 02:29

Wow you bought your son a very nice car!

As to what exact make / model it is, I say it doesn't really matter, a classic is a classic, no matter what it is called.

Hope your son enjoys that car, it is much better in looks and quality than what other kids are driving these days.

31st Oct 2010, 08:51

For people needing help, whether it be technical or just general information, check out this site: performanceyears.com. There are COUNTLESS people on there with knowledge to answer any questions you may have.

It is a very informative site, and the people on there are more than willing to help fellow Pontiac lovers!

8th Nov 2010, 16:12

To the October poster who bought his son a lucerne blue '72 LeMans.

The T-37 & avail GT-37 option was canceled with the end of '71 model production. This happened approx 07B (2nd week of July '71). I ran the GT-37 Survey for well over a decade & do not have records on any '71 A-bodys built later than that date.

Your body tag (on the cowl) will indicate when the body of your LeMans was built. The VIN (attached to the dash) will also tell a lot. 2 door hardtop '72 LeMans (non Luxury LeMans) will have a VIN which start 2D37. '72 2 door coupe (post LeMans) will begin with 2D27. All '71 T-37's will start out with 233 on the VIN, while '71 LeMans begin with 235, & '71 LeMans Sports begin with 237.

'72 LeMans had different emblem piercing holes in the front fenders than '71's. These holes were stamped in the fenders, then the fenders were primed & painted. From the factory it was not possible from to get T-37 or GT-37 emblems on a '72 LeMans. These fenders were even dated, stamped with a date code on the backside of the flanged area where the side marker lights attach. Over the last 25 years I have personally have owned over a dozen '72 LeMans GT's & early '72 LeMans parts cars. Too many '71's to count.

If your LeMans is truly a '72, what a previous owner has done, is installed originally installed '71 fenders on the '72. No big deal, have seen fenders swapped dozens of times. Years ago, even bought a low mile '72 Lux LeMans 2 door hardtop for the nos front fenders that were bolted on it.

Need more specific T-37, GT-37, LeMans info, feel free & email me @ resto_services@yahoo.com. My personal keepers include several PHS documented 455HO cars including a '71 T-37 coupe & '71 1/2 GT-37.