19th Feb 2001, 20:49

Hi my name is Filip! I live in Canada and I drive a Pontiac Optima, it is an exact copy of the LeMans. I have had mine for 8 months and I finally have my first major problem. The car has 231 thousand kilometers, so it has the right to break down. Oh well... I would never buy this car again, but it's my first car so I got to like it!

28th Jul 2001, 00:55

1988 LeMans - or should I say "LEMONS"???

This car had every possible kind of breakdown. And everything was made with the cheapest plastic materials and they all broke. Both seat belts, the wipers, the dash knobs, the back hatch, and one of the manual windows broke within a week! And the whole engine began to rust shortly after I bought it new!

Oil leaked all the time, and I had to replace the brakes every year. I was so glad to get rid of this car I felt bad asking for the $200 I sold it for. I truly expect to pass it on the side of the road one of these days. A total waste of money and a total ripoff. I can't tell you how many times I had to call for help with engine breakdowns.

27th Jul 2002, 17:15

I have had similar experiences with a Pontiac optima. currently, I am unable to find a radiator outlet pipe. the part is out of stock from GM Canada and local auto wreckers do not have it nor do the "jobbers".

What is the point of gm and other auto makers making a vehicle that is a constant breakdown? reminds me of the Russian "Lada" car brought out in the late 80's.

Cheap until you have to looks for parts... which are not abundant (slim and none)...i guess the term "buyer beware" is very alive and well when it comes to the optima or lemans.

24th Dec 2002, 15:34

I have a 88 optima with 350km. I have put 200km a day for the last 5 years. This car seriously lacks refinement (poor quality materials & poor front brakes! but it has the original clutch, rad, cv joints. it keeps going & going. The only maintenance I do is oil changes, plugs & timing belt.

I can't sell it (who would buy it lol) so I will drive it in to the ground.

4th Jul 2003, 20:49

I have a 1988 GM Optima, the equivalent of a Pontiac LeMans, this car was constructed in Canada, and as for the parts you could get them all and very cheap at any Canadian Tire shop. No wonders, it seems that many people here just take their car for granted or either Don't KNOW A BIT OF MECHANICS, the car is cheap to repair, cheap in gas, small engine and very secure to operate. OK it is not an SUV or a 3.5 engine, but still it has its rewards, Ihave mine now for about nine years, and no I have not experiencied any trouble with the car. All the work it requires I made it my self, and it is really cheap, see e bay for parts or just buy them from the le mans.

9th Jun 2004, 00:39

I have had around twenty cars, by far the biggest piece of crap I have ever had, please do not buy it!!!

6th Oct 2004, 00:51

Hi! my name is Lenny. I live in Canada and I drive a 1990 Optima. I have had the car for better than three years. I am 47 yrs. old and have had many cars in my life.

I can say that this is a very cheeply built car, but, I have had nothing, but good luck with mine. I have had to do nothing to the car that was out of the ordinary.

2nd Nov 2006, 15:50

I agree with Lenny. It is undoubtedly a cheaper end car. It is not a Cadillac... I have owned my 4 door sedan LeMans for 17 years now. It has needed its share of repairs, and I have been known to swear at it, but for the most part the repairs are like Lenny says... they are nothing out of the ordinary for an older cheap car. My particular LeMans tends to have leaky gaskets, cracked hoses and needs brakes every so often. But these are semi normal repairs for any older car from what I understand. Dealer repairs are more costly and the parts are too, but I also have found alternative places for repairs that are much cheaper. It seems that if the maintenance is kept up on these cars over the years, they fair much better in the long run. As do most things. I would say, if the price it right, give it a try. Just don't expect a Cadillac for a LeMans price.