1989 Pontiac LeMans 1.6 from North America


This has been a very reliable and awesome little car!


Very little has gone wrong with this car! I have had to replace gaskets in the motor twice over the years to eliminate oil leakage, and once briefly there was a different type of oil leak that had to be addressed.

General Comments:

This has been a very reliable and efficient little car! I have had it now for nearly 23 years since I bought it new! The original tires lasted for nearly 15 years before I removed them over concerns of "dry rot". The original five year battery lasted seventeen years!

The body still looks really good, the motor is smooth to this day and doesn't burn a drop of oil, the radiator is original and doesn't leak, and the transmission is original too... and still shifts perfectly smoothly.

All in all... This is a great little car!!!

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Review Date: 28th June, 2011

28th Jun 2011, 11:24

That's quite impressive especially considering it is a Pontiac. You definitely got your money's worth here!

28th Jun 2011, 21:49

It's good to see one of these small Daewoo Korean cars has survived to make someone happy... many of them didn't survive and were abused in the process... and before its bankruptcy in the late 90s... Daewoo was on its way to becoming one of the most powerful companies in Korea.....matching the mighty Hyundai/Kia corporations. Now that GM owns them and GM has regained some of its lost focus of bygone years. ...hopefully money will be invested, and good reliable cars will be produced and coming our way. With a basic 2012 Honda Civic LX with automatic and air going for 22,000 OTD, we definitely need a good basic car at a fair price to keep chasing this American dream.....

28th Jun 2011, 22:13

It's actually a re badged Opel, fortunately Pontiac didn't have too much to do with it other than cheesy marketing.

29th Jun 2011, 10:28

The Chevrolet Cruze, which is based on a Daweoo design, is not a bad car. It appears that if not abused, Daewoos are not that bad, but not nearly on par quality wise with Hyundai (which has improved to pretty much being on a par with Ford quality-wise).

11th Feb 2012, 22:53

You must be my twin. I have a 1989 Pontiac LeMans, and I now have 99824 miles on it. I am self-employed from home, so I do not travel much... just an occasional trip to the grocery store, and to church. I am hoping to have it for another 23 years, and to get your kind of miles on it.

2nd May 2012, 23:00

Yes... I definitely got my money's worth!!! A year later, it is still running strong at 222,000 miles and repainted too... although it really didn't need it!

1989 Pontiac LeMans LX 1.6 from North America


Wish I still had it


Ignition controller at 100,000.

Clutch at 150000.

Head gasket at 225,000.

General Comments:

Before I wrecked the AT, it had 325,000 miles on it.

Very easy to work on; timing belt - 30 minute job.

Drove it to Oklahoma from NC and back one week on business: 38 mpg. Reliability was outstanding.

I only paid one thousand for it.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2010

1989 Pontiac LeMans Sedan from North America


Shame on you the makers of the LeMans and GM hirees. How the heck was this put on the assembly line?


I went through a front axle every 30,000 miles. It would just split right down the middle. Then, the dealer would break the rear axle for more business. This happened five times while I owned the car.

The driver seat cushion broke, making me sit on three or four phone books.

The transmission went out at 141,000 miles.

That was the last straw.

General Comments:

The suspension was weak.

Comfort was okay until the front seat fell apart, sending me to the floor.

Acceleration was crummy.

The brakes were dangerous.

The seat belts unclicked themselves.

The view out the rear was scary.

Too many electrical gremlins.

The people at Pontiac at the time should have been able to hire engineers who knew how to balance out a car.

I will never drive GM again.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2008

28th Nov 2008, 14:44

Look how old it is, what do you expect?

29th Nov 2008, 16:38

He has owned the car since new and is right in his expectations for a car built by the worlds largest car maker. I have a 25 yr old Mercedes Benz 300D Turbo with over 300,000 miles and it has no squeaks or rattles and can put many younger cars to shame on the highways and rural roads with its handling poise and speed. ALL components were built to last and have held up exceptionally well to daily road use. If MB can do it so should GM.