2001 Pontiac Montana Ext. V6 3.4L from North America


The worst experiences ever in the history of automobile


Over $7000 repair bills in less than one year on my 2001 Pontiac Montana. Someone please help me. Unbelievable terrible car made by GM. My story got to be the worst automobile nightmare in the history. On 11-05-03, with only 51,000 miles on the car, the transmission dead, $3600 repair cost. On 09-2204, with only 62,000 on the car, the engine and cooling system need major repair, over $3500 repair cost. Plus not to mention I spent money on brake repair and other problem at Sears, plus all the towing service. I did some search on the website and find out that many people have the same identical problems as mine.

Regarding to transmission, it is just bad quality by GM. I read that one customer had the transmission replaced at only 3700 miles within the first 3 month of a new car. This is unbelievable and GM should have issued a recall a long time ago. This is not just Pontiac problem, it is related to many other GM brand such as Chevy Venture and much more.

Regarding to coolant, it is just fraud by GM. According to my local GM dealership service technician, the 5 years/150,000 miles on the Dex-cool is just a way for GM to promote their quality. In fact, the coolant need to be replaced every 30,000 mile or so, not 150,000 as GM claimed. Because of this, I never had the coolant changed since I was following the GM maintenance guideline and it cost me dearly. Because of the coolant, almost everything is rusted and leaking and need replace around the engine, $3500 alone on the labor cost by GM dealership.

This is not the end of my story yet. While the GM dealership is fixing the coolant issue, they need to take out the transmission out again to change the freeze plug since it is rusted and leaking. I exploded with anger and unbelievable rage. Because the labor to change the freeze plug is over $900, and the freeze plug itself costs only $12. I am mad as hell and want to sue GM and the dealership. They should have spent $12 to replace the freeze plug last year when they replaced the transmission. It would have saved me $900 labor cost. I believe they purposely did not change the freeze plug last year since they know I would back this year to do it. This is fraud and they need to be stopped.

General Comments:

I am writing my story to federal, state, local government officials to see if they can do anything. I will also write to my Congressman and Senators to see if any hearing can be held on this issue. I will also write to all the major newspaper and network TV to see if any investigation can be done. Someone needs to warn the public to stay away from this car and force GM to issue recall. This is a family minivan, not a race sports automobile. I did not do anything wrong and because of GM, my family will suffer a lot since we make less than $22,000 year income. I have to borrow money from my parents and friends to fix the problem just like we did last year. This has put a lot of pressure and fight on the relationship between my wife and me since I am the one bought the car.

So, if any attorney is interested, I am willing 110 percent to make myself available at any time doing anything needed to make GM pay for their FRAND and deceptions. Please contact me by phone or by email. I have found many people as the same issues as mine and I am sure everyone is very eager to solve their problem. jyunshanc@hotmail.com

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Review Date: 27th October, 2004

5th Dec 2007, 13:24

I would never purchase another GM car again, I should of listened to my mother (she works for GM)

I have had nothing, but repairs the day I drove it home, and I mean that literally. From the engine light on (constantly) to leaks, broken parts, falling apart, noises, and much much more, this Van is nothing, but a night mare and why after so many complaints and bad reviews, do they not recall each and ever Montana made, honestly this is such a joke, glad to see a FEW owner were lucky enough to get one that actually was built properly in the first place, must have been some real honest GM workers that actually cared about what they were doing, how can so many of these Vans have the same problem time and time again and nothing being done about it! You pay a fee for the Van and then a fortune alone to fix it... not worth the time, headache and anger... I should of read these reviews before making my purchase!!! I guess its true what they say; "you learn from you mistakes" too bad it has to be such an expensive one!!

2001 Pontiac Montana GT 3.4 from North America




Traction control and ABS did not work. Right outer hub replaced.

Both rear sliding doors have been repaired as they would not operate.

Power mirrors presently do no work. Have been replaced once.

Transmission had to be replaced at 75000 km. (cost $3822.00)

General Comments:

The van has poor pick-up when towing a tent trailer.

Nice interior.

Like the auto level suspension.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2004

3rd Sep 2004, 19:47

"The van has poor pick-up when towing a tent trailer" Yeah well, that's pretty obvious. Pickup is poor because of the added weight, plus the wind resistance of the trailer.