28th Feb 2008, 15:46

We own a 99 Pontiac Montana, with 130,000 miles and have had numerous problems. Our intake gaskets have had to be changed. Our water pump has been replaced twice in two years. It's ABS brakes light will not go off and mechanics have tried to clear it. It sputters every time we stop at a light or stop sign. It recently has been getting extremely hot, and shutting down by itself. I have tried to get the sliding doors recalled because they have came off track and open while driving down the road!!! It is not the electric sliding, but the manual sliding doors. NEVER AGAIN will I buy any GM product, every time we do it is nothing, but problems!!!


26th Mar 2008, 00:14

Purchased a used 1999 Montana 2 years ago, and it is only the 2nd domestic vehicle I have owned has to be the worst investment I have made in my adult life!

I purchased it at or around 97k miles and at the price purchased, I expected some routine work to keep it in the road, but is has became a money pit!

Before it reached 100k miles, It had a major coolant leak that traveled through the engine, and transmission. it stayed in the shop (Pontiac dealership) for about a week. $1500+.

The A/C ran OK for a year and now the compressor is out.

The electronic gremlins: Over the course of time, the check engine lamp comes on (emissions) the airbag and seat belt lights some one intermittently airbag.

The TCS & ABS have been on solid after I had my breaks worked on (I assume the TCS never worked since I have owned it.

The headlamps had heavy condensation (noted this problems in my previous mini van (95 Dodge Caravan) and I drilled holes in the bottom to let air in. not moisture build up since.

The Montana vision power interface a week after it was used on a weekend road trip.

The LED display on the compass/temp/trip meter burned out at or around the same time I lost the video unit. to my best knowledge, the two units are not tied in on the same circuit.

The newest headache is the transmission. the problem seems to be within the vacuum module (?) because it will not shift in between gears and is basically in neutral. and of course it failed on me 35 miles from home yet it ran fine the 40 of so miles going out that day!

Unless you are buying a used Montana van for spare parts or some scientific experiment, I would not wish the problems I have had with this vehicle on my worst enemy!

27th Mar 2008, 20:55

I bought a used 1999 Montana mini Van:

It still moves, but we've had more than a few interesting adventures with this van. After having the heater core replaced by the dealer we took a long family trip. Thank god for the cooling water indicator. It worked. We were traveling at night so had to make it from point "a" to point "b". We went from 50 miles per gallon to 10 miles per gallon of cooling water to our destination. A few gallon containers and and waiting for the indicator light to go on we made it. So much for good workmanship by our dealer. I replacement of those hard to reach $2 heater hoses mounted over the exhaust manifold located by the fire wall.

Interior lights always drain the battery so we keep them off.

Sliding door has worked for several years and been very cool, but it is now done.

Automatic power windows, wow, that passenger door window will not work. The flimsy mechanism needs to be replaced. I load the guides up with silicon spray and pray.

I hear the intake manifold gasket doesn't work on these cars, that must be why the red fluid is steaming off the engine every time I park. Accessibility to repair this and the water pump, thermostat, ect. is an issue with most cars these days.

Transmission is slipping in first and now second gear. Especially after fast deceleration.

I'll be fixing the break shudder tomorrow and will see how those front bearings are doing.

Anyone want to buy this thing or should I just take it to the dump? I think I'll just take it to the dump...

10th Apr 2008, 11:02

I have owned a 1999 Montana for 8 1/2 years now. We had several things replaced luckily they where still under warranty. We did find with the passenger side power window that if you take the handle off and reconnect the wires it works just fine. Our gas gauge did stop working and that's a big pain in the you know where.

12th Aug 2008, 17:22

Hello all Montana lovers.

I bought our Montana new off the lot in June of '02 to take a big trip. Several hours later in the middle of a rainstorm on a four lane highway, we turned on the wipers and gleefully watched them collide and disappear into the storm. The dealer said I deserved it for not making sure that there was no ice on the window before I started them... in June... moron. No I do not live in the North Pole. Even on warranty he refused to replace all the busted mechanisms (I argued with him for hours). Yup real winner this place. I swear to God I'm not lying.

Now since then our van has been fine, except for the wipers constantly colliding and falling off the windshield. However, just recently, it started jumping and misfiring. The lights in the cab come on and stay on, and the radio does not shut off! ha ha ha. At least my power door still works...haha.

I live a little out of town and kicked a mouse out of there, so I was thinking he had a jolly with the wiring... sigh... I guess I gotta go diggin sometime to see if he chewed it up.

14th Aug 2008, 01:25

I have owned my Pontiac Montana for about 5 years (198,000kms) and I can't complain as much of some other owners have.

I really used to be a lover of GM, and although I would definitely buy another, it has opened my eyes to imports.

The first year we had the van we had no real problems other than the infamous brake lights. Which we have recently heard you can solve by taking them apart and replacing some small resistor. Don't know, we'll see.

My husband would often claim that the fuel gauge didn't work, but I have not had a single problem with the fuel gauge not working. I'll even tell you that the gas light works, with the price of gas I find myself emptying the car.

I have no complaints about the suspension components, either, up until this year it hasn't clunked a single bit, and the air ride certainly levels the car. I'm sure some of the clunk I hear is bearings and maybe steering linkages.

I have seen the ABS light come on and stay on and even scarier, the airbag light. That does scare me and I still haven't figured that out.

When I hit bumps now, the traction light pops on for a sec, most likely a loose connection, I know my traction still works.

I won't complain about the torque, either, it's pulled our three ATVs and sea doo for the 5 years we've had it.

I am a little angry about the headlights, however, because I also like a few others spent time to blow dry the moisture out and reseal some of the seals with gasket maker, I even wet sanded them to make the clear again.

The windshield wipers have started hitting each other, now. I buy an inch smaller than they call for now, I'm not complaining, it's a little thing.

Never had a problem with the engine or tranny, not one bit, my engine doesn't really even tick, especially compared to other mini vans.

Definitely have electrical problems, but I haven't had any mechanical problems, at least not yet.

Remember most of you have vehicles which are almost 10 years old. No excuses now, but things are bound to wear and break. Good luck all..