14th Jan 2009, 18:02

We own a 2002 Montana and have spent over $3500.00 on repairs. The latest is the heater. It sometimes works and other times just blows cold air. After seeing the movie "who killed the electric car", we have decided that we will never buy another north American made car. I have had it with them. If they go under, too bad. I don't think we should be bailing them out again... this is the 3rd time?

16th Jan 2009, 07:30

We bought our 2002 Pontiac Montana a little over a year ago and now we have started to have the heat problems!! So here is my question? Should we start out with the both intake and manifold gaskets or fiddle with small stuff first, ps. we have also had regular maintenance on this vehicle, we like the comfort of the inside!!

15th Jun 2009, 12:50

Own 2002 Montana.. bought it in 2005 with 70K on it...didn't have any problems with it until last month... always did maintenance like oil changes, brakes/tyres and tuneups on time. AFter 290K KMs & 3.5 years later, last month, over-heating issue started.. resulted in head-gasket failure... so replaced the whole engine as it was only $300 more to replace engine than replacing the head-gasket...now things are acting up one at a time like coolant leaking outside of the engine, van stalling when it gets hot etc.

31st Jan 2010, 16:45

Bought 02 Montana 2 months ago. So far it's running really good aside from the Service Engine Light that recently came on. I took it to an auto parts store (about a week ago) who hooked it up and the code just says needs coolant, but the coolant is full?? Oil dipstick looks and smells normal and is full. After reading this, my first thought was head gasket, but ruled that out; besides, it doesn't run hot at all.

Any advice to my issue? About to go on a road trip in 2 weeks.

4th Mar 2010, 10:15

So I've had my '02 Montana for 3 years, and the engine light has been on the entire time. When brought to a mechanic, I paid for multiple repairs, however the light never went off. A year later while driving in a snow storm, my driver's side window broke in the down position (a result of window motor failure). Shortly after we had no heat, and in the summer the AC went.

Two months ago, we had a problem with over heating and were told that the head gasket was blown, and that the cost of the repair would exceed the value of the vehicle.

Needless to say the van is now being sold for parts, but I suppose that's only if anyone is in need of doors or tires.

I've been considering purchasing the '05 Montana SV6, but this obviously requires more research.

18th May 2010, 07:35

I own a 2002 Montana. We bought it 2 1/2 years ago. Aside from the normal stuff like brakes and tires, we have put in an A/C condenser ($870). On a road trip, it blew a part in the coolant system (a T in the hose, I think) and that cost $200 and a whole day at a garage. We've also replaced some belts here and there for about $150 each time (2x).

One day not too along ago, it overheated. We added water and it was fine, but we noticed it needed more. It was diagnosed at the dealer as an intake manifold gasket leak. Also the hub bearing was making noise. They fixed both to the tune of $1235. But the leak continued and the wheel noise did not stop either. I'm pretty certain now that what it really needed was new tires and a water pump!

I did have the water pump replaced, but just before that, the garage left the radiator cap off after looking at it and I overheated (of course). At some point, the head gasket blew, and who knows if the head is warped or not. The van has 126,000 miles on it and we don't know if we should spend any more money on it, or give up now. Can't really tell whose fault it was since it overheated the first time while I was driving it.

Besides these problems, the door lock switch is bad, the fuel sensor does not work, and the driver side window does not work well, it needs brake pads and tires, and the DVD system will only play 2 DVDs of mine. (I've tried many)

22nd Nov 2010, 11:36

I bought a 2002 Montana, I was so impressed at first. I have only had it 6 months.

After the third month we started having overheating issues. My husband replaced the thermostat, only to find it started overheating again within three days. Because there were no signs of it leaking out, it didn't seem to be the water pump. We replaced the radiator cap.

All was well for a while, until it started blowing cold air and the temperature raised within minutes of starting it. So my husband replaced the water pump.

I wish I would have read these tutorials before all that. Obviously, it's the head gaskets. Plus, I have the same problems with my driver side window, windshield wiper motors. Also, we can't seem to figure out the tail light problem.

It is very frustrating. We are also still making monthly payments. This van has left me stranded more times than I've been stranded in my lifetime.