8th Sep 2006, 07:26

"It sounds to me like a classic lack of simple preventative maintenance. Cars will not last forever if you do not maintain them with genuine GM parts." This sound allot like dealer propaganda!

I own a used 1999 Montana that I purchased in March 2006 and I have had a problem for almost every month of ownership!

March: 98k miles

Off the lot, the airbag light came on. Took it back to dealer, said it wasn't a problem. Took it in to a Pontiac dealer, and they confirmed what the dealer said. (?) Since I had their word on it, I let that same dealer service center perform my Maryland State inspection. The van passed of course.

April-May: 99k miles

Major coolant leak (rear hoses passing from heater unit to crank case. The engine had to be overhauled. (Had it done at another Pontiac service center)? The work was discounted ($1200) only to have it taken back a week later because the service tech overlooked that the coolant had contaminated the transmission fluid! Another $140.

June: Noted no problems because after all the mess above, I was afraid to drive it! I took it for short trips and burned less than a tank of gas the entire month.

July: vehicle is shimmies at stops. The hose on the PCV valve it problem here (thanks to Jiffy Lube) so I use a tie wrap to keep the hose connected. Drove it for 100+ miles and Check Engine light turns off. TCS/Brake and Check Engine lights are now on.

My emissions test is now (past due) do any of you think this vehicle will pass? lol

I read on this blog about grabbing a computer from the junk yard, I will do that before I cough up $350 for a new one that’s for sure. Wish me luck.

This is only my 2nd domestic vehicle I have owned and I am truly disappointed in what I have gotten in return, new used or otherwise.